Asbestos Testing Reference

Anyone in the San Antonio area, or outside of it, that knows of an asbestos testing company? I have a client that is inquiring, I am looking for someone to direct her to. The company doesn’t have to be local to San Antonio, just need a reference.

Thank you if you can provide a reference.

I use a local lab, but for mail in there’s always

Are you looking for a company to do the TESTING (collecting the samples) of the home,
to ANALYZE the samples that were collected from the home?

For analyses, I use EMSL…

I’m looking for one that will actually do the testing at the home. I have a friend who does other types of testing, such as mold and lead-based paint, but he ran across a home he thinks has asbestos materials and doesn’t have the means of testing for it. I’m just trying to help them find a local company who can help them. It may turn out they have to send off a sample though. I have sent them a couple of local references already, but I don’t know the outcome. Thanks for responding. Please send any reference you may have, whether a local company or one they can send a sample to.

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Just one word: encapsulation.


Encapsulation is rarely an option anymore!

Is Texas/does TREC/ regulate Asbestos testing?

You should post this in the Texas section for more qualified replies.


I actually think I have it covered now. I appreciate the replies.

From my area, there’s no problem with encapsulation. And plenty of studies showing increased long term fiber counts after remediation (compared to encapsulation) on large commercial projects particularly those involving spray asbestos on steel.

The issue for me is awareness. When I see an apartment building with spray asbestos in the parking garage, and then every plumbing job just cuts into the asbestos, I cringe. Removing it is a bad idea. Leaving it is a bad idea.

When I’ve reported that in an pre-purchase inspection, so far, each deal has been killed by the report (my clients are happy).

Exactly why encapsulation is frowned upon.
Even if it is “cut” and managed properly, it is rarely ever returned to a proper “encapsulated” condition!