Asbestos tile

What is the danger of a couple of cracked or broken flloor tile and when encapsulating it can screws or nail used to put down sub floor or flooring

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Charles, asbestos tile is a non-friable content. Unless it is sanded or removed in a manner that can create air-borne particles, it is harmless.

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I lived in Braidwood (close) years ago.

Is it not the adhesive when removed that is more dangerous than the tile?

Not all that bad, the old black “cutback” adhesive can be removed with a combination of hot water and solvents. You can do a google on cutback and see exactly whats involved in the process. Labor intensive though and messy.

Some adhesive contains Asbestos as well.

That is correct, but since it is non-friable, it can still be removed using conventional methods for removing non-asbestos content black adhesives that replaced it.
A product such as this one is commonly used.

A few years back, in converting a Department Store to accommadate a factory for Village Candle in Topsham, Maine, we had a contractor come in and remove 30,000 s.f. of non-asbestos black adhesive so they could have an exposed concrete floor for the factory.
A similar product was used. And tons of cat litter to clean it up. :wink:

That building can be viewed under Project Gallery here.

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