Asbestos vent pipe

Inspecting a 65 year old single story house- encountered what I have come to believe is Transite pipe used for water heater vent- goes straight up through attic through roof. What is the current write up for this asbestos containing pipe? It is ins good condition , no cracks, etc.


I have transit pipes in the building I reside in. Don’t get your panties in a knot.

Looks like, dated galvanized steel sheet metal insulated chimney. Likely for an abandoned fuel oil burning furnace. The water heater flue is connect to the the insulated metal chimney.
Request installation invoices from the vendor.

It has leaked.

Picture of the roof/chimney intersection please.

Thx, this is the only picture I took outside the report software Mobil app- not sure I can get those to convert to a format that would allow me to email the image- if I can I will send image

Thx for the input

I would mention the fact of suspected ACM. Not an issue, at present, but may prove to be expensive if it is removed some time in the future.


I would be more concerned with the appliance draft. Did you test that?

Yes smoke stick sucked right up

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