I know the only way to be sure is to test, but does anyone have information regarding Johns Manville “Spinusaltion” containing asbestos?

Since it is a mineral fiber, first produced in the late 50’s, there’s a good chance that it contains asbestos.

This is the first time I have heard of asbestos being found in a batt style mineral fiber insulation insulation. Have you ever had any tested and verified for asbestos?

It says fiber glass on the batts fellas.

Quite right - I didn’t really look that close.

I remember the brand name (Spinsulation) from a conversation years ago. The brand name was trademarked from (roughly) 1962 to 1985, and the original product was a mineral based fiber, which was told to have contained traces of asbestos.

The product was discontinued (to the best of my knowledge) shortly after ACM’s were prohibited in residential construction.

I would be very curious to know if this insulation is the same stuff.

I’ve tried to research and the best I can come up with ishere. It doesn’t include fiberglass, but doesn’t say it’s excluded either. I’m curious if the paper face may contain it.

  • Products from the Johns Manville name included asbestos paper, block insulation, cement board, cements, cloth, electrical products, gaskets, felt, floor tile, packing seals, pipe covering, piping, roofing products, siding and wallboard. The company also supplied the raw fibers.*

Asbestos paper was used as pipe wrap.

Flippin genius!!!

Guess what? Johns-Manville manufactures fiberglass!!! I worked at their Willows, Ca. fiberglass manufacturing plant back in 1980.:shock:

Copper pipes were not used mainly in homes until the mid 60’s. How old is the home? Appears to be fiberglass insulation. Yep.

I relaize this is an old thread, but I was curious if anyone knew form sure if this particular insulation contained asbestos. I have the same material in my walls and the building was built around 1969/1970.
thanks so much.

I came across John Manville Superfelt Rock Wool Insulation today also. I have been getting different answers on whether this contains asbestos or not. It is not listed on the list of asbestos containing products from John Manville on the website so I am wondering what your thoughts are.
Thank you!

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Good link Bob!