ASHI dismisses lawsuit against InterNACHI & Nick Gromicko and fires their directors.

ASHI, the American Society of Home lnspectors, has voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit against Internachi and Nick Gromicko.

ASHI filed the lawsuit in federal court in Illinois last year, accusing InterNACHI and Nick Gromicko of defamation and various other claims.

The EBPHI (Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors), the organization that administers the NHIE had filed an almost identical suit against InterNACHI and Mr. Gromicko last year, but a federal judge in Illinois dismissed that lawsuit a few weeks ago. ASHI apparently saw the writing on the wall and decided to voluntarily dismiss its lawsuit to reduce the amount of attorneys fees that InterNACHI and Mr. Gromicko might be able to seek.

Also, this from the April, 2018 ASHI Reporter:

And finally, yesterday, ASHI fired its Executive Director, Frank Lesh, it’s Membership Director Russell Daniels, and other ASHI employees.

Glad to have some semblance of resolution and hopefully this is a pathway to change in the industry. Glad for InterNACHI and all that you do for setting the stage for new home inspectors like myself. Cheer, Nick.

I had a very nice conversation with Russell Daniels some years ago.

I told him he had 6 months to give me a reason to renew my ASHI membership.
He admitted at the time he didn’t have a reason.
He never called me back.
I didn’t renew.

The last straw was watching the ASHI “Advanced Electrical Inspections” video, and then the NACHI video for “Advanced Electrical Inspections”

Night and Day difference.

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AmericanSociety of Home Inspectors Announces New Executive Director
DES PLAINES, Ill. (April 27, 2018) – The American Society of Home Inspectors]( (ASHI)announces that Executive Director Frank Lesh is retiring after serving theorganization for nearly 30 years.
James Thomas, formerly campus director for the SAEInstitute of Technology Chicago, has been appointed as the new executivedirector effective April 30, 2018.
With almost 20 years of business and managementexperience working with companies such as Sylvan Corporate, Kaplan and LanguageStars,
Thomas will be charged with driving strategicfinancial and marketing objectives with oversight for business planning,finance, regulatory compliance and budgeting in his new role.
"I’m honored to serve ASHI in this capacity,”Thomas said. “Mr. Lesh has set a standard of excellence in his time here andhas built a legacy through the numerous roles he held.
I hope tobuild on these successes and continue to help ASHI provide excellent service toour members, partners, and the community we impact.
I’m excitedto help ASHI continue to move forward, and I’m humbled to have been chosen todo that.”
Lesh joined ASHI in 1990 and has served in manyroles, including member of the Council of Representatives, secretary, vicepresident, president-elect and president.
Lesh tookover as executive director in 2013 where he grew membership from 5,100 to morethan 8,300 members and doubled the organization’s financial reserves.
“It has been an incredible pleasure serving ASHIand its members in so many capacities during my 28 years with theorganization,”
Lesh said.“Along with spending more time with family in retirement, I look forward tocontinue being involved with ASHI and serving as a mentor and resource tomembers,
especially to new home inspectors getting startedin the industry.”

Thank you.

I had a nice talk with Frank Lesh yesterday. I offered him a job at InterNACHI. We’re going to hammer something out after the convention.

So is the plan for him to replace you, as you have announced your departure from InterNachi??

Oh there would be no way. We’re pushing more and more of my duties onto staffers but ultimately it will take about 8 people to completely cover them all as I slide over to CCPIA.

I happened upon a discussion were Lisa Endza mentioned what will likely be the outcome of the home inspection industry if we all get along. I concur and look forward to Nicks vision becoming a reality.

Happy to hear about ASHI’s decision.

Wishing you much success as always, Nick.