ASHI Helps Realtors?

The following quote was taken from the IHINA web site.

"Why Doesn’t The American Society Of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Code Of Ethics Prohibit ASHI Inspectors From Soliciting Real Estate Agents For Client Leads? Good Question! This question has been raised and discussed with ASHI National. The response has been that ASHI does not want to dictate to its members how they should obtain their client leads. However, ASHI embarked on a “branding” campaign spending millions of membership dollars to educate real estate agents that they should refer only ASHI inspectors. This is unfortunate for the home buying consumer. The following paragraph has been taken directly from the ASHI web site: "ASHI is your professional partner for home inspections. Your customers rely on you for your advice on which service professionals to use in the buying or selling process. You can trust that ASHI inspectors will deliver exceptional service and expert knowledge, enabling smart decisions and peace of mind to your customers, thus helping you in your role as a trusted resource." Do you want an inspector who “helps” the real estate agent earn a commission or do you want an inspector who is going to fully disclose the condition of the house?"


When I want to buy me a good used car, I always take it to the auto dealer’s mechanic for a good, unbiased evaluation…yup, yup, yup…