ASHI member needed. All expenses paid trip with me to Coldwell Banker headquarters.

I am setting up another meeting with Coldwell Banker at their headquarters in New Jersey. I am attempting to encourage them to remove inspectors from their concierge program and preferred vendor lists.

Both ASHI and NACHI prohibit participation in such pay to play schemes and although it may be fine for carpet cleaners… inspectors should not be bribing real estate agents into shirking their fiduciary duties to recommend the best inspectors based on merit and instead recommend only the inspectors who pay the most.

I will pay all your expenses including air fare, hotel, and meals for you to meet me there for this meeting and attest that ASHI also prohibits this unethical business practice. It would be good if we had an inspector from both associations present.

Please email me if you are willing to help our industry with a day or two of your time. I’ll buy the beer too :cool: .

If anyone knows of an ASHI member that might be willing to help me… please direct him to this thread:


It sounds like you need Joe B for this job.

Hope you’re able to get out of Snowy, Colorado…lol



I THINK Texas even passed a law against this kind
of perferred list (by payment)…

I would go with you, but my attitude toward Realtors
might become hostile once I open my big mouth.
I better stay home.