ASHI Monitors this board

Nuff sed.


Gosh. You don’t think they have read any of (gulp) my posts do you?

WOW…I’m shocked.

Not really, what’s your point?8-

You’re Kidding Right?!!!:shock::shock::shock::wink:

LOL!!! OK!!! Forget it, then!!

I have been a member of ASHI for 4.5 years and a has been member of NACHI for 4. I wonder, what do you think I have been doin all this time?:p:p:roll:

You will not find me on the ASHI books as I am a silent member. LOL

ASHI is scared ****less of NACHI and it is starting to show, now more then ever, what with these secret groups in different States trying to influence the laws.

It is really getting out of hand and it might very well be time for the org’s to join forces and take control of this fiascoe.


Well actually I like this one better:
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This forum is only viewable by NACHI members. Use it to discuss topics that are only relevant to NACHI members, or should not be made public.

Sorry Scott I am not allowed.:shock::wink:

It really says a whole lot and must be very discouraging for them when ASHI must pretend to be a different association in order to influence legislation.

What was, at one time, considerable influence is nothing more today than hyperbole.

ASHI ? who are they?

I really hate to say this James, but I agree with you…:shock::shock:

So does a lot of lawyers …I’ve been told

So, the only thing one has to do to get a bunch of ht started is to state the obvious? Cool.

Society of

Wendy, you’ve just been outed! :mrgreen: She is like an ASHI Nazi! lol

DAMN!!! You got me!!! :wink: I’ve secretly been inspecting for 20 years. I was only pretending to be a giddy newbie! :wink:


Within the last two hours - on three different threads- T. Allen, W. Decker, and H. Miller all did something in common. You all agreed with one of my posts and…most importantly…stated as to how you hated to say that you agreed with me.

This is just a trick to get me to go back and re-think my position, isn’t it?

You know…I could get a complex from this. You guys better just cut it out.:wink:

And please…not in front of the ASHI guys…okay?

You are right James , it’s a trick.:D:p

I would just take the atta boys and be happy as they are few and far between.:wink: