ASHI to get special treatment?

As you all know - I follow what is happening in Ohio.

ASHI controls the OHIB. It was mentioned at one of the OHIB that they would retro actively approve courses. Is I-N being given this same treatment?

What ASHI is advertising is different than what the Division says. Seems to me that ASHI wants to control the home inspection business in Ohio.

Just an FYI.


I’ve been involved in every word of the legislation and there is not one word in it that is biased in favor of ASHI.

You do realize that you only have to meet ANY 3 of those 8? Not all 8.


Michael, you do realize, don’t you, Nick Gromicko, CMI-Certified Master Inspector, has been very involved in the North American Home Inspection Industry from the start, or the inception of InterNACHI.
Nick insures we, us, the collective body, everyone at InterNACHI and beyond, are not trampled on due to other association baseless accusations, rumors, and has a Legal Team invested in our tomorrow.

As for InterNACHI. Michael, Do you know these phases?
Inspecting The World
“Certified Master Inspector”
“Resistance Is Futile”
“The right inspector, right away”
“Infrared Certified”
" Anyone Else is Just Looking Around" and I can go on and on and on as two people tell two other people and so on and so on…

The word on the street is that: “Nick Gromicko’s The Best.” Myself and many others concur.

May I recommend, KISS, and move up from there.

Best regards.
Robert Young

He’s a non-member shit stirrer.

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Relax, Michael…my $ is on Nick. :smile:

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Wow! Brother Robert !
I couldn’t have said it any better.
I for one am very proud to be a member of #NACHI Yep!
Thank you #InterNACHI

With out a doubt ! Yep!

Well aware and I have debated Nick 20 years ago. He has done NACHI now InterNACHI well. So I will not go down that road.

Nick I never discussed the 8 requirements. The problem is that the April 5th 2019 is being ignored. How can you perform a peer review on Nov. 16th and have it be performed before April 5th?

I have attended all OHIB meetings and let me assure you that ASHI tried very hard to get their SOP the standard for all of us. I never said that the statue was in their favor.

This is an effort to grandfather more ASHI members after the deadline of Nov. 1st. The scam of not seating the ‘last’ board member as required by law to allow a long grandfather period is just that a scam.

Nick what was in the letter from Anne Petit regarding Continuing Ed? Asking for a friend.

BTW I truly believe that you did a good job with I-N. Hats off!

This is getting way of of hand…
You debated Nick!
You really need to take your med’s .

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To be honest Mike is correct on this one. I’ve been to several of the meetings and Ashi is always present and pushing their agenda.
Not sure how ashi is advertising this stuff as the board hasn’t approved any education providers yet.

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Thanks Matt

At best licensing sucks… all voices are valid.

That’s, that’s, that’s all, folks! :popcorn:

No it doesn’t !
If the dip shits can’t pass the test then no one needs them…Yep!


You don’t need to know shit to debate someone, only to prevail in a debate.

The purpose of a debate is not to change the mind of the opposer but to convince the common man that the opposer is wrong. - Nixon

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