ASHI totally eliminates their Director of Education position. Angela gets wacked.

Post deleted after Angela called me and requested it be removed.

Request granted.

By By Angela. :D:D

Apparently, someone felt differently.

Was she “let go” to fill the position with someone else, or did they eliminate the position? She references “someone taking over”.

Is she the one that did not accept InterNACHI education courses?

Wow hate to see anyone lose their job.

ASHI running a deficit… no problem though, their new Executive Director has a brilliant plan to save ASHI…

No blue jeans on Fridays!

I couldn’t write this stuff if I tried. :smiley:

So … You posted “Something” about Angela who was / is an ASHI employee and within minutes she called and asked you to remove it…

This just goes to show you how desperate ASHI is that they have someone constantly monitoring our BB.

This is a PERFECT example of why as The President of the New Hampshire State chapter of NACHI I do not post ANYTHING about our legislative efforts in New Hampshire.

Lat year one ASHI puke made the mistake of telling me “Yeah… we get ALL of our information off of the NACHI BB.”

Well… Thanks for the tip Bozo!:roll:

All NACHI members who are trying to keep ASHI from taking over your State through legislative efforts might want to pay attention to this advice!

Why give away even the slightest hint of what your political strategy might be so that the lurking vultures will pounce on any little tid bit that falls on the floor!

Where is Dan Harris when you need him?

This is only the beginning.

Jeff Arnold has intimated to his closest and most trusted friends that he is doubtful that ASHI can pull out of this tail spin. Losing over a thousand members in 2007 who pay dues and 2007 being the second or third consecutive year of losses has crushed the hopes of several board members of any kind of turnaround in this trend. The housing market is not projected to improve nationally for another year or two and one more year of the likes of 2007 and ASHI will not be able to afford the postage to notify its membership that it is dissolving.

The success of NACHI and its availability to the industry as an alternative has more to do with this trend than you may realize. One of the questions that a board member shared with me that is often asked is how ASHI efforts to discredit NACHI has seemed to have had the opposite effect where ever tried.

There are three quarters to go in this year and ASHI is already running in a deficit. Some very high level insiders are predicting that by the end of first quarter next year they will be no more.

How come we never hear about the high turn over of NACHI staff?


As an ASHI member, this must make you feel rather bad — no matter how you might be feeling about some of the directions your association has taken in recent years. Out of respect to you and other good inspectors who belong to ASHI, I offer my condolences.

When the last light is turned off for the final time at ASHI HQ, I think that the history of ASHI will show its “branding” plan to have been the turning point of the downward spiral.

At that time, ASHI stopped being a trade association representing the collective efforts of its members to better themselves and each other — and attempted to become, instead, a “credential” that abandoned its members in favor of promoting itself. In the end, its members abandoned it.

NACHI members, and others, would be wise to make a monument out of the debris that was ASHI to remind ourselves of what we could become if we take the same path.

In his wisdom, Nick has provided NACHI as a trade association dedicated to benefiting the membership and has provided “CMI” as a means of obtaining (for those who feel they need it) a “credential”. He separated the two entities so that they could both become strong and stand on their own, which they have while being inundated with attacks from competing associations and a depressed market.

I am as grateful as I am proud of the direction that NACHI has taken in its early history and hopeful that it will be here three or four times the 30 something years that ASHI was around…serving home inspectors who are not even born yet.

Frank. Angela had the you know whats to call me direct and ask nicely that I remove her memo. So I did.

In the few moments we spoke, I realized that she was the type of person I’d like to work with.

Just prior to her calling, I had a 1/2 hour long fight with Joe Farsetta over sprinkler systems in so I’m used to working withe the tough cookies and I appreciate them.

I think ASHI made “the mistake of the Century” in letting her go. I’m not going to make the same mistake in passing her up.

Just sitting here and LMAO reading the, Inspectors National Enqire, and the ignorance of supposed to be business people, along with person that claims to be an expert on ASHI’s business.

Hmmm did anybody ever notice that ole charley, the supposed to be ASHI member that’s afraid of ASHI just happens to be here the same time something is brought up negative about ASHI to share his wisdom…
Problem is ole charley buddie, you gotta get a little more consistant with your BS :mrgreen: :mrgreen: there are many that do not belive you.

I haven’t seen any question for slick niko what happened to the Wash, and Calif satellite offices, are those employees on your/ a nocho members payroll, what are the job positions of his employees, how much does nacho/ you pay your employees, what ever happened to past employees,???

Hmmm… come to think of it I’ve never seen any accounting to nacho members where their dues really go.

Yep just hide your head in the sand and believe what your told.
Oops I forgot, if you asked any questions you will be banned, and criticized for thinking for your self,

I will admit I’ve seen a lot of promises for member bennies, problem is anything that would cost ole nicko $s never were delivered.

Dan. Join us.

Yea right :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
My wife doesn’t tell me what I “Shall Do” do you think i’m going to join a HI org that does.??? :roll: :roll:

While we wait for the family to decide when to disconnect the feeding tube…we can reflect on ASHI’s better days.

There was a time when ASHI did not not have to hide its name and pretend to be a “coalition” to get a seat at the table when legislators were deciding bills.

There was a time when ASHI did not have to rename its test and create a separate entity to disguise itself as independently administering it. Taking and passing the “ASHI” test used to mean something.

The pompous leaders, at the expense of the membership, tried to turn the association into a credential. It abandoned its members long before its members began to leave it, in droves.

Nick is a nice guy who doesn’t have the heart to really finish off a foe, as seen by the PHICkers getting off by paying settlement fees.

Mine doesn’t ether. She had me trained years ago.

Dan, All delivered, paid for, and operational.

But to compete with ASHI’s “no blue jean Fridays” we’ve adopted a “no T-shirt Tuesday.” :smiley:

Dan, how’s ASHI doin? …

I don’t know if all the ladies in the office are going to go along with that.