Busshy, you are such a nice man

Suggestion, if you really want to help ASHI why don’t you see if you can get on the ASHI board of directors and advise them to do thing like your leader.
Just little things like stiffing honest hard working inspectors that work hard to promote NACHI locally only to get stiffed by nick after he promised to reimburse them, stiff Hotels that host the conventions, and tell little white lies to vender’s on the actual number of attendees so ASHI can also suck their hard earned dollars.

Once your in there maybe you can convince ASHI leadership to change their ethics by lying to their members about non- existent benefit’s to gain membership numbers, while your at it advise them if they want to be the biggest, lie about membership numbers, give free memberships to NACHI trophy members and show them how they also can have a 99% renewal rate, go for the big one and suggest that ASHI also gets a race car, offer to be the chairman for that so the two orgs can compete honestly on the race track.

I feel your pain.:wink:

You can use the NACHI BB for free .
To use the ASHI BB we have to join ASHI to be able to use the ASHI BB and WOW!
I think you got a better deal More info and no pay.
Roy Cooke

And ASHI doesn’t have any skeletons in their closet?:roll: :roll: :roll:

Actually, no. The skeletons are at the banquet table, waiting for the food to finally arrive;-) …

You be the judge.
As a nachi member try asking nick how many paying members does nachi have, ask him for financial statements , ask him like one of your vender’s did with no answer, how many people are attending the Canada convention, try get a straight and honest answer like the ashi members did from our leadership [the leader ship we chose, not appointed by one person or self appointed]on the post busshy posted from the ashi site.

While your asking, ask him hows the printing press and free brochures and printing to all members, the nascar race car , exclusive access to a major real estate company and god knows only what else are doing that nick spent members dues on with out any approval from the members.

Per nick , nachi members are nachi:roll: :roll:

If you read any back posts, the recent article in freas rag, the company that sh-t on over 1000 ashi members/customers that many soon will be, used to be frea customers:twisted: ] you will soon learn that nachi members are nick the dictator puppets only, if you think anything else question or challenge any thing nick does, your Addi OS, out of nachi in a heart beat or shunned by nachi self appointed mini dictators:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Get some help Dan.
Your constant obsession with NACHI’s and Nick’s so called failings while ignoring ASHI’s and your own tends to make anything you post here seem less than credible.

I mean it Dan. Please get some help. Life is too short to get all cranked up about things you have no control over.

You are too compassionate, Mike.

I, for one, love to observe the man’s anguish. dan abandoned the good ship, NACHI, some time ago and sailed away from us on the Titantic…sticking out his tongue. Now, as he struggles to stay alive in the icey waters of the North Atlantic, his anguish forces him to disguise his regret with anger.

Go to the light, dan…it will be over, soon…go to the light…

Just trying to be helpful James.:wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: lol lol…
I’m having toooo much fun watching nachi go down the tubes to quit now:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
The signs are very clear, why else would busshy be concerned with professional decisions made by elected professionals to assure my org stays solvent…
Do you know the finical condition of your org?
Is the nachi budget aviable to all members from your orgs elected members, do nachi members have a say where your membership $s are spent?
Can you contact elected members of your org to find out at any given time? Truth is nobody knows… That alone gotta bug busshy and make him jealous as heck :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Why did nick and his buddies send me 6 or more pleas begging me to attend their Fla HI scam semimar on mold for 99.00. And now 3 pleas to attend the Ca. convention for discounted rates…
Is that all nachi approved ce is worth.:roll: :roll: :roll:

Wasn’t it nick that stated get what your worth?
That alone says a lot about him/ nachi when he resorts to give away free memberships and ce for nothing.:mrgreen:


…go to the light, dan…don’t be afraid…go to the light…

Hi Dan,

I still think you need help.
Why do you get so worried about what happens at NACHI?
Dan, could it be that you are jealous for all the benefits NACHI members receive at attractive rates?
Does your org provide anywhere near the value that a membership in NACHI does?

Dan, I wish you well and please, again, get some help to deal with your anger and bitterness issues.

Dan, this bashing back and forth needs to stop,I pledged the other day to not say anything bad about ashi, why don’t you join me right now, and stop bashing nachi, everybody will be better for it. Sincerely, Ken Home inspector

…take a deep breath, dan, and step into the light…run to the light, dan…it will soon be over and you can rest…sleep…so peacefully…just step into the light…

Maybe there’s a reason he can’t see the light you refer to Jim…such as the use of a cane comes to mind… I know Harris, I need to go drink some more Kool-Aid and stuff…

Were you drunk when you wrote this?

Ken Home inspector
Your pledge doesn’t mean much or do much when you support a self appointed mini dictator that follows your owner /dictators methods of bashing and finding faults with other HI orgs as a last ditch resort to get members from other orgs to help keep nachi afloat…

The new logo for nacho… If you want cheap ce that nobody will pay the going price for go to "Yard sale NACHO " where you can get $ 399 CE for $99. or free membership if your a vender or ashi trophy member, hurry it won’t last long, Nachi’s moving to china,:mrgreen:
Send your money NOW, nicks going broke and venders are getting piss-d because the numbers that nick claimed were inflated like all other numbers… Counting spiders as guests breaking all records on the BB is a good example :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Hey busshy… Does nick pay for the insurance for your and all other chapters that ashi paid for years for ashi chapters ?? Or does Nickie tell you to get it your self or just go un-nsured and if something happens, claim like your favorite vendor did when confronted with a site listing criminal actions??.
" Hey I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time":roll: :roll: :roll:
I kinda thought that was an unique defense.:roll: :roll:

Were you drunk when you wrote this?

Stone sober… Haven’t had a drink in years… :roll: :roll:
Tell me and provide proof of what isn’t true.](“http://www.smileycentral.com/sig.jsp?pc=ZSzeb113&pp=ZSYYYYYYKUUS")]("http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/8/8_9_2.gifhttp://www.smileycentral.com/sig.jsp?pc=ZSzeb113&pp=ZSYYYYYYKUUS”)

:roll: huh?

You get to bombard us with your turds of wisdom, and it is up to us to prove that you do not speak the truth?

No wonder you can’t get $300 for a 2000 sq ft house. You see, when you are selling someone a line of bull like you are, it is up to YOU to make it believable, dan. Geez.

Far more… Important things you cannot buy for any price let alone 289.00…Professional representation, professional presentation to the consumer, honesty, integrity and ethical to name a few.