ASHI's admits that money is the reason ASHI has no entrance requirements.

I was pleased to learn that this morning ASHI* big wig* Scott Patterson publicly admitted that ASHI is a diploma mill and that ASHI is dumping unqualified inspectors into our markets in return for money.

This exact quote from ASHI’s Scott Patterson:

Thank you for revealing that ASHI harms consumers for money Scott.

Scott’s professional biography (taken from his website) includes the following:

Here is the link where anyone can join ASHI online in about 30 seconds with nothing more than a valid credit card:

Hey Nick,
Why don’t you post this over at Active Rain on this thread… Will and Russel have already made some comments, but several of the agents have stated they only use ASHI qualified inspectors…

Yeah, but those “several” are evolving and are small in number compared to the vast majority of agents that know to avoid ASHI diploma mill inspectors (you just don’t hear about the agents that avoid ASHI as much). The odds get worse for ASHI every day. Do the right thing and play the odds.

Scott Patterson, 2004-2005 American Society of Home Inspectors National Education Committee Chairman, 2005-2007 American Society of Home Inspectors National Membership Committee Chairman - November 22, 2009.

Interesting view point on that link. Thank You Russell Ray for an excellent post.

Kudo’s to Alan the mortgage broker… He hits the nail on the head!!!

Why do I get this question so often from Realtors / agents: “Why is this taking so long?” or This statement " The other inspector didn’t take so long…" Well if your inspecting a large 4000 square foot house, it’s going to require more then 2 hours… Let me do my job… and stay out of my way…

I had one agent state" Your starting to scare ME…" ( you mean your deal is in jeopardy) Well mister agent the SAFETY hazard is just that …A SAFETY hazard that could kill the occupant. HELLO. Should a gloss over that for YOUR benefit…

My Clients are important to me and their concerns are utmost important. If the house is a POS then it is what it is… Sorry NO paint is going to fix it all…

Nick, I’m no longer on any ASHI committee or do I have anything to do ASHI other than just being a member for about the past two years. I’m not an ASHI “Big Wig” as you claim. I have not admitted to anything like you claim.

I have voiced my opinion. Yes, I would like to see ASHI, INACHI, NAHI, CREAI and every other home inspector organization require the NHIE before a person could join. It would be the best thing for our profession.

Why all the ASHI talk on the INACHI message board??

Wouldn’t it also be the “best thing” financially for the organization that you now head, EBPHI, who sells the NHIE and collects the money from those who take it?

Why yes it would James. How odd??? ;):smiley:

It would not be bad for EBPHI, any increase in business is good. As all funds that are raised from the sale of the NHIE go back into supporting the operations of the exam board, how could it not be a good thing.

I actually sit on the board of directors for EBPHI, I’m one of seven volunteer board members. 2010 will be my last year on the board after a 6 year commitment of volunteer service.

So Scott, if InterNACHI adopted as a membership requirement, the passing of whatever state exam is required for licensing in that state, would you support ASHI doing likewise?

Anything for a dollar.

What you are suggesting might not be a bad idea. I think it would need some additional thought, fine tuning and input from others, but it might have some merit. Personally, it would not make any difference to me.

Logistics might be difficult as not one single state has the same requirements as another. Due to the love hate relationship between you and a good number of folks in ASHI, I would not count on it going very far.:wink:

To your point, in Illinois, the state licensing exam is the same as the NHIE. I even received a completion certificate when I passed the licenseing exam.

Not a real issue, here.

Sneaky, Nick!:wink:


Requiring members to pass the NHIE in my opinion, would be a good thing for INACHI. You have mentioned over the years about the strong relationships between INACHI and local colleges. Local colleges with home inspection curriculum in licensed states prepare students for the NHIE. For those without some trade/technical background the first attempt fail rate is moderately high.

InterNACHI already requires passing of the NHIE (or whatever each state mandates) in states where the duly elected legislators of that state require it. See InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics 1.10. InterNACHI’s many requirements are above and beyond (on top of) whatever your individual city, state, or Canadian province requires.

We’re taking bets at the office as to when ASHI will adopt it’s very first entrance requirement. Our poll is divided it up into blocks of decades. I guessed between years 2070-2079. However, I don’t suspect I’ll live long enough to collect my winnings.

Hello Scott
I remember you from the Inspection News Blog. How are things going?
We talked about mold testing. Glad to see you here.:mrgreen:

Why can’t the major national associations come together and create a test that is non-association owned.

Come on, everyone knows that the NHIE is owned by ASHI (and forget about the legal niceties of a separate corportation.)

And many ASHI guys, back when I was first licensed, boasted about having all the answer keys.

The Illinois state test is the NHIE, with some additional questions with regards to the state law.

It is administered by a separate, psychometric, professional and independent testing company.

And, when licensing cane into Illinois, all the 250+ ASHI “fuill members” still had to take the test in order to be state licensed.

And only 40% of them passed.

Kinda telling, don’t you think?

Scott’s quote speaks for itself. Nick has simply pointed out the obvious.

ASHI claims to be so superior because of all their requirements, but this simply is not the case.