Diploma mill ASHI unleashes another consumer mass murderer onto the general public.

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ASHI, a known U.S.-based, diploma mill that unconscionably allows anyone to join as an associate using ASHI’s 30-second, online application that requires nothing but a valid credit card encourages its come-only-with-cash members to go out and perform a certain number of unqualified inspections for poor, unsuspecting consumers as the only way to achieve full membership. ASHI’s highest “certified” membership level isn’t much better and relies on passing one beginner’s exam (NHIE), once. This is the same exam required by some states to license newbies fresh out of school. In the case of ASHI member Tony Stiles, diploma mill ASHI didn’t even require that of him.

Real estate agents and consumers should check the ASHI site to make sure their inspector is not a member or financial supporter of this U.S.-based, diploma mill called ASHI.

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From what I can tell his biggest mistake was not going through with BBB arbitration as he agreed to.

The phantom skylight issue is a good reason for not using a pre-formatted template as many of the guys do even here I bet.

The format involves pre-loading a report as all good and then changing only where there are issues to save time…

There is not one mention of the, or any, real estate agent involved. How did the TV station get a list, or information, about the “two other home buyers”?

Lots of holes in this article. Did the buyers take the recommendation of their agent? Did they ask questions before hiring the inspector? Who was this other inspector? Were the shingles defective, or just “no good”?

No professionalism all the way around, from the TV station to the writer.

Someone upset someone. Hmmmm.

Agree. My software alerts me to each and every inspection item that I have not answered (once all unanswered items are answered, I know that I’ve covered all inspection items per the SOP). If I had a pre-loaded template, that feature would be useless.

I never heard of that. That is insane.

Weren’t you an ASHI member a few years ago?:stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention names but some of the best inspectors here use that format and Billy just posted with his new template thread that he uses that method.
Great time saver I was thinking of going to, but the fact of the matter is that I list all materials under each component so I would not really save time since in a town like Chicago their is to much variation.
I am now convinced not to ever use that format.
Pre loaded tips even look bad if you have one on something like checking filters on the furnace and they have a boiler.

Regardless of who is doing it…they are courting disaster. Pure laziness, in my opinion. People are not paying for inspections…they are paying for accurate, thorough and unbiased inspection reports. As this article demonstrates (and as many other similar errors that have been made by those taking this shortcut that have so far gone undetected), the preparation of the report is NOT where you want to cut corners. Even the often used phrases that you cut and paste have to be re-read and considered for modification before including it.

Licensing solves nothing.

MAR’s lobbyist Sam Licklier lined up (what he hoped to be) a home inspector horror story right, after the home inspection bill was introduced, several years back. The reporter saw right through what MAR was doing. You seldom see a reporter that smart. Sad but true.

I think that whole report was BS. I am not saying he was right, but something seems fishy.

Yes, like many, I wasn’t able to qualify to join InterNACHI at the time. Diploma mill ASHI let me join online in 30 seconds with nothing more than a valid credit card. *

ASHI: Click, pay, shazam!.. you’re an inspector.*

My software reporting (used previously) always defaulted to Poor / Defective…

An Element had to be Inspected to be properly rated
Missed Elements were automatically Defective unless toggled to an alternative…

Nick, I can get a person who has never completed an inspection to become a member of NACHI in 1 day…want to bet?

And ASHi was not willing to accept me due to my guilt by Association…

If you fully read…
The Membership Guidelines…
What You suggest is not possible
The prospective Member Intentionally and Fraudualently
misrepresents himself…

Full Membership
within the NACHI Organization
comes with…
Accountability & Personal Responsibility…

Russell, you work in a state that hasn’t completely gone through licensing, so you haven’t quite thought it out. Everyone has to have their first client… even you had your first client. Once licensing is adopted, it is impossible to require fee-paid inspection experience, because acquiring that experience would be illegal. Furthermore, no association or government agency can follow you around to make sure the experience you acquired isn’t experience doing it wrong. So I forgive ASHI for not requiring any inspection experience of their applicants. What I don’t forgive is that they not only have no experience requirement, they have no entrance exam, no quizzes, no courses, no promises… nothing… no entrance requirements whatsoever. Just a 30-second online application that asks for nothing more than a valid credit card.

We had a legally blind person join ASHI just for laughs and we didn’t have to commit a fraud or cheat to do it. He was able to join legitimately, because he had a valid credit card. That is all that is required.


So wasn’t Ben until 2004!!

My ONLY paid Affiliation for 10 + years has been NACHI.

I hear you Nick, but the requirements you have are not really requirements. The test can be taken by anyone anywhere. Hell my brother passed your test! Karl Hensel. WOW, he is the most inept person when it comes to home inspections! But he was curious, I think took it several times until he passed. I love him dearly , but would not rely on him to properly assess a bird house.

So it is not the “Diploma Mill” that caused this allegedly “Poor” inspector to operate. Have you looked at the sample report of some of these people here? WOW, INACHI would be embarrassed! So its not the diploma mill, or any of the things above. Its a bad guy who belonged to a different organization and you SLAM them. WHY? Is not being better than them enough? Triple their membership? A much higher percentage of repeat clients?

So when a NACHI member messes up are you going to slam them too? It was a alleged bad guy in a different organization and thats it. Be bigger than this! If you haven’t noticed YOU WON…now continue to win with grace and dignity…

This inspector could have easily been a NACHI member…VERY easily…

If your brother IS Claiming to be a Home Inspector based upon passage of the NACHI Test alone,
He is misrepresenting himself…
perpetuating Fraud…

You suggest
he is not a Home Inspector

and he is not a NACHI Member

and your Point?