Two hours ago

My roof looked like this hope to have the shingles on before the sun sets. Got 21 years out of the last ones think perhaps its time for new. Trying some new (2007) under layment from Fla they say its better than felt hope so anyway

Hope it stays dry for you, WHo went up on it to inspect it loolololololol

How’s your attic vented? Gables vents?

Big house Charley, how long is that?
28’ by 64’?

Looks like a good underlayment. :slight_smile:

No attic vents?;):slight_smile:

70 feet long X 28 wide and yes guys there is attic vents Gable, soffits and two wind turbines that were not in the pic

Dam, I was off by 6 ’ on the length. :mrgreen:

That must have been the area Charley was standing on. :wink:

Turbines work better than ridge vents Charley. ? For your area. :slight_smile:

Yes turkey ya counted the decking I knew what you were doing and yes I think turbines are better on the open area where I live there is nothing between me and the north pole but a barb wire fence and it is broken.

As the sun was setting those guys finished the shingles except the ridge cap 25 squares with 3 roofers git ur done. Took exactly 5 hours to nail down the shingles not bad huh

Looks good Charlie
What brand of shingle did you use?

Hi Pete they are called GAF Elk Z ridge a medium impact shingle could not afford the high impact, shingles have gone crazy in price just in case ya have not noticed and I am sure ya have

You forgot the secondary water barrier!

Charlie, why on earth would you use shingles?

With oil prices sky high, metal roofing is now the same price per sq.

Ya I know!!!
IKOs are popular around here and the 30 year architectural go for around 100/square, not including drip edge, moisture barrier ETC.

Prices are suppose to go up again soon!!!

My life expectancy is less than the shingles + My wife likes shingles need I say any more;-)

Okla is very close to becoming the next death valley why would I need a secondary barrier

how come there is no smoke coming out of that smoker red hat ?

I don’t see a smoker Jim, but I do see a Turbine vent that was not there during the rip down. :wink:

Your both just blind as a bat;-):smiley:

In the first picture Marcel…I’m pretty sure that is a smoker in the yard and it appears to be quite under-used…But You are right those look like a couple of spankin brand new turbines up there…

Well, I did forget to put them on. ;):slight_smile: