Anyone seen this shingle before? Poor install to boot

New construction Georgia

Not sure what brand shingle that is but it looks like they racked them (not permitted by many shingle manufacturers). Also, there appears to be underlying sheathing problems.


I have never seen this shingle. I am perplexed. The tabs are very wide. You think the course alignment issues are because they were racked? (as well as the plaining problems)

Probably fresh off the boat from China, :roll_eyes: did they smell like fish. :laughing:

Smelled like “5 yr warranty”


Looks like less than that. :face_vomiting:

Tabless strip shingles.

Tailgate warranty. You see the tailgate warranty is up.


Yep, they are not something that I would use.

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Maybe, I see tabs. Here is an old post about strip shingles. I do not think they are the same.

Maybe just the spacing between the long strips.

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Or are they 36" long and just look like they have tabs?

Honestly, I have no effing clue, lol.
I zoomed in on one of my higher resolution photos. Might be helpful.

Yep, found them. and they came from _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
download (22)

Ecuador is my best guess

They probably came in a package deal with the 3/8 decking and 2 x 3 trusses.

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I’d send that straight to the supervisor at the local building authority. That should never have passed anything other than the laugh test.

I should have said, they have 36’ long tabs.


If that was new construction what did the rest of the house look like?

It was not as bad as certain mega builders. Just everything roof was wrong. Install, design, plaining, flashing. My list is long.

Then, grading and drainage issues which has become a rampant problem with new construction here. Which causes clearance issues such as siding in contact with the ground, weep holes below grade etc.

Example, the front sidewalk runs parallel abutted against the brick sidewall. The brick base flashing starts out ok then ends up 2 inches below the sidewalk and the weep holes disappear with it.