Asphalt underlayment system education insp

I hope this is where I’m supposed to post this for pre licensing education I inspected the I inspected the roof system for asphalt shingle underlayment and I found nothing there was supposed to be ice and weather barrier 3 feet back from the edge of the Eve

Underlayment wasn’t always required everywhere. It was a best practice. I still find older roofs with out any underlayment.

I see the felt paper. Looks like it was torn…be careful up there…

Try for better pics too.

the drip edge is installed wrong. Underlayment should overlap the drip edge. The drip edge should not be installed over the underlayment.

Stephen, back off with the camera, you’re shooting too close, and keep up at the top of the frame. Left at the left side, etc. There’s no reason to shoot upside down.