Atlanta Mentoring?

Hello, my name is Lance Long. I’m a new NACHI member and soon to be weekend home inspector in the Atlanta area. I am interested in participating in some home inspections with someone as a “ride along” so that I can learn a bit more before venturing out on my own. .

If you wouldn’t mind providing some mentoring, i.e. for me to “ride along” on a few of your weekend inspections, I would appreciate it. Please contact me at

Thank you,

Lance, you may get a better response by contacting inspectors directly.

Either like this: or a little farther away. See the “FIND AN INSPECTOR” link at the upper right of this page.

Oh, and welcome to the BB. :smiley:

Hi Lance,

Welcome to NACHI and the board. Check with Earl Beahm

He might be able to help with that. You have a great group of inspectors around you. Good luck.


Ride along on weekends? Heck do you guys know any inspectors that work on weekends? I mean, all the money we make in the first two days of the week, then its 5 days off. That’s the beauty of this business Lance, you get to work when you want and make a great living doing it, you can have weekends free! :wink: (That was in jest I hope you all know.) You will find it difficult, though not impossible, to do this “weekend only”. When a Realtor or client calls and needs you there NOW, sometimes you have to make it happen.

Welcome Lance and best of luck to you.



I’m not a trained instructor, but I like to talk, at least thats what my Wife and Clients say.

I’m not sure how much help I’d be, but email me at , and we can talk or meet and see what we can work out.

Good Luck

Thank you, for the advice and the warm welcomes.

Lance, if you get no other local help, contact me and I’ll go over a couple reports with you.

We can fine-tune them.