Atlantic Canada Members

I see that the vast majority of posts come from all areas in Canada with the exception of the Atlantic provinces. Is there a reason for this or are we happy being the quiet minority?

I am new to the home inspection industry as well as interNACHI. It would be great to see some feedback from other Atlantic members. Has there ever been or is is there a general meeting of the membership in this area of the country?

I think it would benefit this group to get together so that we can discuss our concerns and where we see the industry going.


Rick Senior
bts Property Inspections
South Shore, Nova Scotia

I’m just up the road from you!!

Hi Brian,

I see you come up as a guest, are you associated with any of the associations?


No. At present I am an NCH (National Certificate Holder).

Hi Brian,

Would you be interested in helping in the formation of an interNACHI chapter in Atlantic Canada? I guess you would have to become a member first.


Rick Senior LEED AP
bts Property Inspections

Ohhhhhh Rick, you’ve gone and done it now…lol

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Brian MacNeish admits:

Brian, which exam are you having trouble passing?..

The exam leading to the new “Phd-S&M” designation/logo…

Doctor of Spinning and Misleading !~!

I would never have thought that about Brian .
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The Brighton Stalker takes things to the gutter once again!!

This is from NACHI in the last 7 days ,
What have you received from your NCA

Here’s a list of those leads:

DateLead From11/07/2010 at 07:56pm at 06:44pm at 02:24pm at 11:58am

So you “know” the truth again, please enlighten myself and others here. Your truths from another board are now being questioned!!

Noticed the time of your responding post, I hope I’m not on your stalking list today!!

The post’s on the other Forum just confirm the posters Lack the ability to read what is written.
You seem to fit in that small group of three very well .
No Brian I have to go too work I see you seem to be here all the Time .
NACHI is my home Association .
I am not a guest

Remember, I was given unmoderated status out of the blue without asking for it. I was never thrown out… seems like you had to promise to be good to get back in.

BTW, a little birdie told me this in an unexpected PM:
“Nick himself asked that you be taken off the moderated list. We of the ESOP voted unanimously to have this happen. First time I can recall a unanimous vote in the years I’ve been on ESOP”

I started the Alberta Chapter about six years ago.
The first step was calling a meeting.
We had our first meeting in a cafe and six members attended.
Last year we had over 70 members from all across Alberta and Saskatchewan attends. Saskatchewan has their own Chapter. Every year it gets bigger and better.
We have two seats on the Alberta government advisory committee. We’ve had TV news interviews, newspaper interviews and a host of other good things have happened and are going to be happening that benefit all of us.
Go for it, you can not lose.
Nick will help you. He’s one of the most honourable gentlemen I have ever had the good fortune to meet
We also incorporated the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors in Canada under the Alberta societies act as a nonprofit Association the same as in the United States.
Go to InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors](InterNACHI® - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) to see our Chapter web site.
One final bit of advice; do not be discouraged by naysayers that think they make themselves look better by denigrating others. They do not understand that this has the opposite effect.
InterNACHI’s basic philosophy is the more we help each the better each of us becomes. The better each of us becomes the better InterNACHI becomes and the better service we can provide our customers. Satisfied customers mean more business and that means more profit.

Good morning Vern,

Nice to see some positive feedback that actually pertains to my original question.

I guess I am the only Eastener on the forum since I have not seen feedback from anyone expect the NCH, God bless him.



I’d be interested, not sure how much time I have to commit though.

It does not take that much time but it does take commitment. By becoming an active member there is increased exposure that translates to more work. Also stay positive. You will get more work and more respect. Many clients have told me that they hired me because I was the only inspector that did not run the others down. The closest I come is when I comment “They are good but I am better”
All you need do is for the two of you to arrange to meet for lunch and advertise that here.
Ask Nick to send an Email to all InterNACHI members in your province.
It is very beneficial to meet and compare notes and experiences.
Go for it! Good things will happen.