Attention Florida CMIs. Another group marketing opportunity...

… has been snail-mailed to you today. You should get it early next week. Please consider it.

This was the last one we did:

We are flooding Florida with CMI marketing campaigns, one after another.

Are you doing anything for us regular members?

We’d love to. Do you have a chapter that wants to do a big group marketing campaign?

The CMI campaign is directed at distinguishing certain experienced inspectors from the majority of inspectors. I cannot understand how InterNACHI can support such a marketing campaign. While I realize the intrique value of the CMI marketing tool, It is a disservice to the rest of the paying members, as it is directly targeted against them. This type of marketing has no place in a Society such as InterNACHI, as it does not serve the majority. It not only does not serve the majority, but it is detrimental to the majority as it targets them as less then qualified. I think it is a well deserved title, but interNACHI should steer clear of their involvement in promotional venues. You are basically saying “These are thew best” – the rest are just inspectors — that is not right — IMHO

I strongly agree with everything you stated except, “I think it is a well deserved title”.

But I have nothing to worry about regarding CMI marketing. Only 4 in IL., out of 2500 plus inspectors, and they’re 300 miles away, and Zero in the St.Louis, Mo. region.

Yep :slight_smile: and you have to BUY THE TITLE.

LMAO…you have this on your site and guess what…YOU HAD TO BUY IT!

Had to BUY this too…

and this

and this

I can go on and on…damn you had to BUY all your stuff on your site…YOU MUST SUCK BAD!
\and this

All ad campaigns are directed at distinguishing certain inspectors from the majority. Your own brochure does that, no? The ad was paid for by the 4 members featured in it.

InterNACHI can do the same as MICB is doing. What do you want to do? I’m in.

He should advertise that he is GC doing Home Inspections because there is no stucco work.:shock:

Or he that he is so special he is the only person to ever receive the Meeker Award.

Seriously, run an ad about contractors doing home inspections.

Great Idea then me and maybe some others can get pissed and run some smear stuff as well. Great Idea for all.
Keep kissing a-s to the HI’s.

Russell the second one is my own creation to fill a need.
Kind of like CMI.

I guess I need to link that to the current license, I thought I fixed that. :frowning:
The other certificates were earned. I paid to be a Nachi member not for the test or the certificate. CMI cannot be obtained without getting up off the buck. No pay No title.

You are the one that keeps saying you are going back to stucco work when you can. I never said anything about smear, advertise what you got. I advertise my credentials all the time, including my contractors license.

I have never stopped contracting stucco work. There just is not a lot of new construction. I have continued doing stucco work without missing a week. It just is not like it used to be. There is not enough new work and there is fierce competition resulting in an extremely low profit margin the makes the risk out weigh the rewards. Contracting is a gamble inspecting is not. With inspecting you can cut out all others and do all the work yourself. You make what you plan almost every time it is not that way when running with the big dogs. My advice to you is to stay on the porch and roll with the sure thing.

Can you become a CG without paying money to the state?

Can you take and get those class certificates without PAYING and being a member of INACHI?

Can you use that Click here to certify without paying your annual dues?

It ALL takes money.

CMI cannot be obtained with money AND qualifications…that you don’t meet…so cry about it. Funny as hell you claim that being a GC is the like being Jesus himself and yet you worry about CMI’s. Why do you worry so much about CMI when you’re a “GC”?

Market the hell out of it! Tell the world…But what are you going to say? I have been a stucco contractor for years…or a CMI can say I have been INSPECTING for years. There is no substitute for the REAL thing…you’re kinda similar to an inspector…but yet, not an inspector…

Our group should look at this

John as the president of the best chapter of Inachi, I understand your motivation. I am prestly looking to do this on a more private and smaller scale. Maybe 10 like minded people, who have the same goals, standards and direction to get together and pool some money together and then market from there. Who knows where it can go.

I see you position and will support it as well. My problem with it, is the same reason I keep my relationship with INACHI as minimal as possible. With their support of FL NACHI and AAA schools it is real easy to get lumped in with a bunch of turds. I would rather use my money towards a more directed and people who I have a common thread with and we can market in a beneficial way so that no matter which one of us they call they know its going to be quality first…

You would certainly be more credible if you were rejecting a designation that you were actually qualified to have.:wink:

So you are half inspector, half stucco guy.

“With inspecting you can cut out all others”

I do not wish to cut anyone out. I have help with my inspections for a faster and better job. We have an office staff for better service and multiple inspectors to take care of our clients. I hire a WDO inspector because it is the right thing to do(for me). The only person I wish to “cut out” is my competition.

So stucco guys are big dogs? I do inspections because I LIKE TO, not because there is not enough stucco work.

My advice to you is stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Stop the crying and whining. If you are not happy with HIs then get together with your stucco buddies and do something about it.

Posting messages with half truths about CMI or GCs or HIs is childish and ignorant, and irresponsible start acting like a professional, if you can.

I will ignore you from this point on. Best of luck to you.

InterNACHI has an entire Member Marketing Department now. We are most willing to help with anything you can come up with.