ATTENTION!! Nick & Chris Important for everyone to read

Hello to all the InterNACHI family!

I have started this new business venture since last September 2013.

I wanted to express to everyone especially to Nick Gromicko & Chris Morrell,
on how impressed I am with the association and most Important the people that make it happen.

Today, as we all have experienced customer service that is not so pleasant and really puts a sour taste in your mouth towards a company, person, or association. Customer service is a key factor to success!! It doesn’t matter if you are a employee or the owner of a company. I personally, have experienced more unacceptable customer service with owners and employees of companies that I am willing to do business with than service that I would expect or the service that I give.

I truly thought, maybe my expectations are to high?!?!

I have to stand up and give a shout out to Jessica, Erica, Levi, & Ben you guys have exceeded my expectations!! I will speak loud if I don’t get customer service that I would expect, but I will speak louder when I receive service that I have experienced from all the names mentions above. It is unheard of and It’s important that we all share our appreciation on what you gals and guys do. There are not enough words to express on how appreciated you all are. A big thank you to all.

This is to all bosses out there! If you have employees that are like Jessica, Erica, levi, or Ben make sure that they are appreciated and well taken care of. We all know that employees like them are a definite asset to any company and there are not to many of them out there.

If I ever become big enough to have employees, I would do what ever it takes to have you guys join my company.

Thank you
Chad Deschenes
CHP Inspections & Consulting Services, INC.
Alberta, Canada

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Thanks Chad.