Nick gromicko

Today I was informed a new company in the same city I am had taken my buisness name and was promoting it under a new contact number.I started a thread entitled "competiter’ and Nick responded immediately and offered to help… To make a long story short, this new inspector will change their name and not infringe on my company. This took place in the matter of hours, with no litigation or court cost and attorneys fees. Though not all things are free, it was settled.

I have know that being a member of INACHI was a good deal with many benefits, but I had no idea just how loyal and defending of his members he really is. Nick stepped up to the plate and defussed a situation that could have had a bad out come for all parties.

For those people who are reading this and are not members of INACHI, you are missing out on the best organization in the industry.

Nick, I very much appreaciate what you have done here today. You are a true scholar and a leader…

John Ritter
Insight Inspections

That is why Nick is the King and InterNachi is the best without doubt most Professional Association on the Planet Earth.

Good Job Nick

Thanks Kevin and Bob for understanding and reconizing what Nick does for the association.

One of the problems with a competitor using a “confusingly similar name or DBA” to your Corporation…
is that Your Company may be confused with the Competitor when Litigation is filed at at some future date…

I am going thru that now… and it will get interesting…

Glad to hear that he was able to get it sorted out for you!

Nice job Nick!

I moved into my home in 2004. I incorporated in 2002.

One year after I moved in, a guy up the street started doing inspections as “Metro Property Inspections”.

Mine is “Metro-Spec Property Inspection Services”.

I wonder where he got his company name. Probably off of my truck parked in my driveway.

I called the state of Kansas, nothing they could do.

Way to go Nick!! Great Job

Good to hear that Nick was able to help. Hope that no damage was cause to your reputation by your competitor’s work.

Gald everything turned our roses Mr. Ritter.

An Association is a brotherhood where all of its members should always be looking out for eachother as demonstrated by Nick. A proud day to be an InterNACHI member. Good luck with everything, John!

A very positive outcome!

I am happy this sentiment is being taken to heart. I echoed it when I arrived to somber reviews. I see much needed growth and all for the better. This is a great association.
All the best.
Nick’s the king mate:cool:

Dam, I still have to finish the InterNACHI coat of arms.
Be at it when I have the chance.

all happy, no money spent on legal fees, no business hurt, good all the way around.

I called the state of Kansas, nothing they could do.

You need to call the “Amish Mafia”. New series, starts tomorrow at 10pm. These are some bad a** brothers.