Attic Access and Roof Access

Hello to all. In case you do not know I took a spill off my 6 foot fiberglass step ladder on Dec. 11th 2012 and have not been able to work since. I was told yesterday to stop wearing the boot type soft cast. I was told to try to wear sneakers but the Doc and I knew normal ones would not fit. Instead of buying a size bigger and wider than normal that I could only use while my foot is still swollen I opted for these from bass pro. It was the easiest shoe I have found and is at least offers some protection and is not totally open at the front. I will likely wear these with socks because I MUST start doing some simple inspections before I am so far in debt to my family I’ll never get out. See shoes at link below.

Now to the meat of the matter. I always use the 6 foot step to access attics but always have to break the rules of the ladder and safety advice by climbing all the way up it into the hole. Most times I MUST step on the top NOT A STEP area and I know it is dangerous for many reasons. I cannot afford to take any more chances so I am wondering what some of you may use that can be used safely and by the book. A 10 foot folder would not fit in most places. I also used to do some pretty stupid stuff getting onto roofs with the same six footer. I am considering a telestep for getting onto roofs as my big extension ladder hangs out to far out of the back of my truck and the Old4 way folding ladder hardly ever folds without having to use tools to open and close it which lead me to do the stupid stuff I used to do.

So basically I am done being stupid and am seeking you advice on the best way to access attic access holes in the by the book proper way. " a skinny telescopic that goes up a foot at a time to about 15 feet would be great but I can see having issues because I would have to open the hatch with the ladder it. I can the hatch falling down on me etc… I guess the right way would be to use the 6 footer to open the hatch and then the telescopic to go up but seems kind of ridiculous.

I also would like your opinions on the best telescopic ladders as I know I need at least one. Any discounts of coupon codes or places to order from would also be greatly appreciated. Free shipping etc…

10ft ladder

I have found the same as My son the only ladder we ahve needed is Little Giant 17 ft.
Mine is 15 years old and his is 25 years old .

Cosco has great prices some times .

how do I handle the opening of the hatch and going in safely.

Little Giant is the only way to go. IMHO

The little giant is a great ladder and I have one myself. I hardly ever use it in the home due to the weight. I have also been looking for a lighter weight ladder that does the same thing as the little giant. Something stable and light if there is such a beast.

the werner 17 and 21’ are inexpensive and the flange section comes off to access small openings. They don’t weight much either. Harbor freight has the 17 for $135.00. I use it everyday;base64,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

Werner Ladder. 17 ft…](
Home Depot

Thanks to all and please Keep them coming I’ll look into all ideas. The attic access is my major issue and many times it is in tiny closets.

Thanks ROY for the call. I’ll talk to you latter.

Does anyone have both the werner and little giant. If so does one operate easier or better.

I read one review on the werner and the person said when they used it they got their hands real dirty. He thought it came from the factory with something on it. I hate dirty hands and do not want to get anyones house dirty. Has anyone had the problem with the werner. Seems a little odd to me.

From the specs it is the same weight as the little giant so no help to me.
I was thinking something like this. The weight is still there but a lot more compact.

Does anyone have one and how do you like it??

Mike M., I use the LG, it is very good, The only thing is sometimes the wide base has trouble fitting in narrow spaces., but the LG is super versatile.

I am worried about the wide base as well due to tight spaces :0


I’m getting the extend and climb for the narrow areas, maybe less steady, but in a narrow area, there’s more stuff for the ladder to rest on.

I have two Gorilla ladders and two Xtend + Climb ladders. The Gorilla ladders are sturdy and work well for roofs. The Xtend + Climb ladders work great for attics. When inspecting an attic I simply extend the ladder up to the hatch and push the cover out of the way with it. Once the cover is moved enough I extend the ladder up as high as I need to so that I can enter the attic with no problem. If for some reason the telescoping ladder will not work I use a Gorilla ladder and extend it up high enough so that when I fold it in half it’s practically touching the hatch. That way I can stand on the ladder with several rungs above me and push the hatch out of the way.

I want a telescoping ladder but some folks that I really really respect in this biz suggest that they are death traps and I cannot afford to get taken out again???

I am in quite a pickle as I want to be safe but have to be able to do the job weather it is safe or not. The clients do not get what they deserve if I do not get the photos.

All I can say is everyone in this biz damn sure should carry disability because it sucks when you cannot work :frowning:

I have step-ladders varying in height from 6-12 ft. The ladders are close to the ceiling, positioning it properly is key.

If there isn’t enough area for a step-ladder, I use Extend & Climb, but only if absolutely necessary.

Are you also concerned with the safety of them ?

I use a telescope inside. Never had a problem. Just make sure it locks. If it fails on you well not much you can do. Any ladder can fail at anytime.

You don’t have to step on the top, Mike, position the ladder so the top is just about touching the ceiling, you basically walk right into the attic.

Multi-function 13’ and 17’ ladders will put you safely where you want to be, even in tight quarters.

Little Giant is the best, but waaaay overpriced. I have been using Cosco and Gorilla models for 10 yrs and they work fine with regular maintenance:

  1. Lube pivot points and movable parts w/ silicone spray (not WD 40)

  2. Regularly twist the insertable ‘ears’ tight on their attachments

  3. Check all welded connections for cracking