Telesteps vs Step Ladder for Attics

I’ve always used a step ladder for attic hatches but I’m thinking of buying a Telesteps for that purpose. If you have used both, which one works best?


You don’t always have room to open a step ladder inside a closet.
You can use telesteps to open the hatch.
If it’s a high hatch, you have more hight available.
It’s smaller to haul through the house.

Slight thread drift maybe but here is some info that some may find useful

Hmm, I tend to disagree on the multiuse ladders…but hey, who am I to argue with Consumer Reports…?

I have a 22’ fiberglass Little Giant, and as far as I’m concerned,
this is one of the most stable ladders I’ve ever used, especially when only used as an A-Frame(not fully extended)
I’ve also got an Extend N’ Climb, that I use inside the house, attic scuttles, etc…
both of which I use on inspections.

At home, I have two aluminum extension ladders, a small 16footer, and a large and heavy Werner 28’,
that I installed that thing that wraps at the top to widen the stance? (Wing Span?

I think the LG is more stable and safer to use as an A-frame.
To each his own I guess…:slight_smile:

I’ve become use to utilizing both ladders depending on the height. Closet scuttles get accessed very easily with my step ladder.

I like seeing the pull-down stairs already installed.


I have use step ladder for attic hatches when I first started doing inspections but now use Telesteps and sometimes my Little Giant dependiing on the situation and won’t leave home without them…

I actually have two Telesteps just in case one fails!

Telesteps are great ladders… I like their design. However I always double check the locking system on each extended rung :wink:

After my telesteps broke I bought an extend and climb ladder, it seems stronger, it is definitely heavier.

How did it break? Did it fail? Or did it get damaged.

The plastic parts gave up after closing it hard a few too many times.

I use the Werner MT-17 telesteps no problem so far.

I can two multi-use ladders 21’ and 13’ They are heavy, but stable.

Werner and Telesteps two different ladders.

Are you sure it wasnt a case of Type IA body on a Type III ladder?

No I am not SURE, what are you trying to say???:D:D:D

I use a telestep inside the home. Never failed yet. I better go knock on wood now :wink:

I used to pull the pins at the bottom Billy (until they broke off) and let the entire ladder collaspe closed very quickly on itself. Two or three years of that it finally broke.


I’m sorry to hear of your terrible incident. I hope everything is better today.

I never did like those telescoping ladders anyways.

Well, I guess they call them “collapsible” for a reason! Fibre glass step ladder and a 28 foot aluminum for me.
Hope things have progressed Bryce.

My poll seems to be running about 75% in favour of telesteps for attic hatches but Bryce’s post has me a little scared.
I picked up two last night, one called Telesteps and the other Metaltech. The Metaltech seems a little easier to use. The Metaltech is color coded (red/green) to show the rungs are locked.
The instructions say to leave unused rungs grouped at the top. That seems a little inconvenient. It’s much easier to pull up rungs from the top.
Pull up the first rung till it locks, pull up the second rung till it locks, etc until you’ve reached the attic hatch. This method leaves unused rungs grouped at the bottom however.
Does anyone know what the problem is with unused rungs grouped at the bottom? Does anyone use it this way?