Attic Plywood

Why did they do this in the attic.


Hi Gary

What is it, hard to tell from the picture?..foil faced OSB?

If so, they might have had an extra sheet on site and just used it.


It almost looks like a piece of dura-rock (hard to tell from the pic) but still begs the question - WHY???

Why is a good question.

Gary, I zoommed in 500% and still could not make out the markings.

Starts with Tr-----

It does look like Dura -rock as Allen said, but why?

Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Becoming very common in Arizona, if in fact this is a portion of a sheet.

Dale, I think they installed all the other sheets upside down. ha. ha.

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Hi Ole’ buddy…hope all is well Marcel…:smiley:

I have seen in subdivisions here some buyers who choose the energy saver package, and other buyers who are smarter than that, because the last home I inspected with a radiant barrier the buyer said Pulte charged an extra $6,000.00 for the foil faced OSB, and an extra 4 inches of insulation on the attic floor…:shock:

And in my travels around the subdivision, naturally there were scraps of the foil faced here and there, which is why I just guessed the builder may have used a scrap in the area Gary has pictured.

But of course I could be wrong…:stuck_out_tongue:

How about a used road sign?:smiley:


Ahh, now I see how it works, Pulte the famouse builder is picking up road side signs and left overs from the Country Side and making Millions off the Consumers slapping these Developements together.
That must have been one of them Gary. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Notice that on the Techshield site they didn’t give you all the info from tests or calculations for the very high “potential” energy savings by using Techshield. Another case for my list of now 86 “Popular Energy Misconceptions” or my other name “Smoke and Mirrors in Energy Advertising”

There’s a company (P2000) that is selling a foil faced type 1 polystyrene beadboard product with an R value of 27 for 1 inch!!! Just checked their website- found a study they paid for but were not supposed to use in product promotion since it was not a test using a concensus based standard from ASTM. I have a copy of a letter from Intertek, the tester (and one of the worlds larger testing orgs) that states such. There may be a law suit being drawn up against them now as a complaint was sent to the Canadian Dept. of Justice under the Anti-Competition Act regulations. Wisconsin allows them only to state R5 for the product. Good for them. What about all the others?

There is so much crap out there and not enough persons working in postions of consumer awareness or consumer protection in governments!!

Did a job a few weeks similar to this except about half was tech shield while the other was just osb. Manufacturer said no problem but stupid install. Must have run out of some where along the way and just thru up anything they could.

If you do new construction inspections and see radiant barrier in the roof shealthing, it’s also suppose to be on the side gables too. Most times, you won’t see it on the gable ends.

BTW. the stuff does work. The attic will be ~20 degrees cooler with it. However, $6k sounds like a “I’m going to charge way too much because I don’t want to deal with it” bid by the builder.

How do we say it is missing, when it isn’t required to begin with? It is just a bonus or upgrade isn’t it?