Attic Rafter Size and Spacing

Inspected a house and found evidence of a fire. Appears the roof was removed but gable end walls saved. Rafters are 2 x 4" spaced 24" O.C. and farther apart in

some places. Very few rafters with collar ties. I called it out as being minimal support and in need of further evaluation by a qualified contractor. This is an older home (late 1800’s) and I noticed that it had up to date wiring. I wonder if the house was gutted by fire, and they redid the wiring? After seeing the job on the roof in the attic, I wonder what they covered up when remodeling.

Looks like normal fire restoration, before companies specialized in it. Just speculation, but the fire restoration came long before they upgraded knob & tube to NM.

Two things that I am surprised if I don’t find in homes built before or around 1900 are WDI and fire damage.

Did you say anything about the insulation? Looks like Zonolite from here. (ACM)



I was just about to say the same thing!

Yes. I mentioned it was Vermiculite.


I hope your narrated it into your report. That stuff is a biotch to remove if they needed to for remolding, or such.

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