Attic turned into a Loft ..questions & advice needed

An Attic was turned into a loft …
I don’t like the access …It looks like a child would probably fall
through the opening …
What should the write up be …




I write lack of railings, incorrect rise and run at stairs. Recommend permanent access stairs. Headroom issues as well at stairway.


Attic rafters are not designed to carry much live loading, so a bedroom would typically require 30 psf live load and 10 psf dead load. Check the rafter size and span in the IRC to see if they are over loaded.

Ok …thanks…
that got my motor running …
I think I can write it up …now

Randy, you probably meant ceiling joist. It looks like the kept the struts and purlin bracing at an angle and just sheet rocked it.
I would check to see if it is bearing on a bearing wall below and guaranteed that the ceiling joist are only 2x6 at the most.
Look at the thickness of the floor at the stair. :slight_smile:

Access hole will be a fall hazard, attic floor was probably not designed for a sleeping room floor load. What about egress? is there a door or window to the exterior from this bedroom?


Thank You Marcel …

Did they modify trusses?

Don’t know …but I wrote it for a licensed Framing Contractor to evaluate the area and area is potential safety hazard as it exists …


Woah there cowboy, who said it was a sleeping room? Those assumptions are a little over zealous.

It does look like it was a w truss with the tension web removed to make the space. I could be wrong, but if you didn’t figure it out at the inspection, you’re 100% right to make sure someone does look at it. That would be a HUGE miss if it wasn’t caught. That being said, the bottom cord looks like a 2x8 since the attic hatch normally goes flush with a 2x4 which would mean they weren’t trusses. But maybe they added something on top of them… who knows, just seems weird with the walls sloped like that.