Authentic Roof ™ slates

I got a call from a guy today who had Authentic Roof slates installed to his home and they are now all curling. The cost was $28,000 and the company says that they were not installed properly and voids the warranty. The contractors claim they are not responsible, and that he is SOL.

The drip edge is installed all wrong and the gutters were knocked off by the snow and ice coming off the roof. With the gutters off I found the fascia is rotting, and who knows what else when the roof comes off later. The contractors used a lot of caulk to fill in voids all over the roof.

Does anyone know about this product, first time I have come across it. Here is a link to their site.

I can tell you that the roof has no ventilation and they were probably installed with a air nailer. The directions says to only be installed by hand and nailed with a old fashion hammer.

The roof is only 7 years old

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That is what I was looking at but wanted it to be confirmed. Thank you

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish LeRoy?

Sounds like a pissing match between the Contractor and the Roofing Manufacturer.

The Home Owner is probably going to have to Sue someone, probably the Roofer.

Or at least call the Local Building department and file a complaint.

Well I was called to perform a roof inspection only but wanted all the facts I could find about the product. I was recommended because I do a lot of research before writing it into my report. If I am not sure of the answer I will not BS it, but find the answers. That is what I am doing right now.

I am disclosing that I have never reported on this product before. I have been reading the installation manual this afternoon to see what went wrong with them, as well as any other information. I figure if there is problems people on here would know.

It seems pretty straight forward if the manufacturer said: