Caulking on brand new vents in the roof

Am I the only one that calls out an improper install of roof vents when the roofer doesn’t use the factory supplied holes. Also why in the heck would you smear caulking all over the vents on a brand new roof on a brand new house

I don’t see why the nails in the flange are an issue unless they’ve cracked the flange. As for the sealant, I’d say the roof wasn’t installed by a competent roofer. So they smeared the flashing with caulking to make it more gooder.


What exactly did you say when you called this out?

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Maybe because you can’t read English?

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Brian Maloney, I’m still working on that. What I would like to say is piss pour installation have roofing contractor fix their sloppy work. I’m thinking about saying something like Roof vent found to be improperly caulked into place, this could potentially cause water to be improperly directed under roofing. Recommend a qualified roofing contractor further evaluate and make repairs.

Lots of inspectors call out uncaulked nails. If they back out over time (common) they leave a hole for a little potential leakage. This looks sloppy/ugly but not defective.


First and third pictures I don’t have a problem with and I would not list as defective. If you call out a roof vent as being improperly installed when all they did was not use the predrilled lower holes you are being an alarmist and are going to piss some people off.

The second picture after a closer look appears that the nails were nailed through the top layer of shingles, which is a defect and would explain the sloppiness of the sealant, as there are several exposed nail heads that needed to be covered. I would call this one out as being improperly installed and would warrant a recommendation for a roofing contractor, because that one will start to leak at some point.

I agree with not alarming someone just because the installer didn’t use the supplied holes. When the nails go through the roofing material (shingles in this case) above the flashing, that is a defect; one we see quite frequently. If there is caulk up there, that’s a defect also. With any exposed fasteners, they should be sealed with a roof sealant designed for that kind of exposure. Most caulks wouldn’t last long on a roof.