Away for a while!

I quit taking my courses due to a job for like a year now. I know I shouldn’t have ever quit but i did. So whats everyone’s best advice to move on to remember all that i need to pass the final exam. I only have the courses to take and one quiz that has me stumped. This was my intake finish the courses and keep taking the rest over and over till I fill I’m ready. What do you think?

Keep at it and you will get there.

We look forward to seeing your next post at the Christmas party.


Study until you are comfortable with the material. Riding along on a home inspection with an established inspector can help you put all your study in focus and give it context.
I mentor lots of students and they have all passed the NHIE.


Hit the books, study, and take a few refresher courses, and retaking the tests doesn’t hurt either as it helps you realize your weak areas that you can then focus more on.


Like most things in life, you can’t reach the door until you start walking toward it.

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Yea I’m consistent and driven to get it done nothing will stop me now. I do wish I had a mentor that would be great and I have tried just couldn’t find one at the time. Thanks for all the feed back.

Michael, what state are you in? Does it have licensing requirements? Or are speaking of just getting through the NACHI training?

Don’t give up !!