I am taking the final exam for inspecting tile roofs the 120 hr course. i have read the handbook numerous times. and watched the series of four vids 2 times. i cannot get a passing score. i am, thinking there has to be an error. has any body gotten this? my mind is mush. maybe ill take a break and figure it out later.

Break always a good idea.

If it is a very visual course and test like the stucco id course you may want to make sure you do it on a computer that has a large screen.

I could not pass the stucco course on my laptop because i could not see well enough and have been in the stucco biz for over 25 years. Just a thought. Once I could see better it was much easier.

Don’t take the exam from the home page. Go to your member page. I find that they don’t have questions for all sections on the home page, which you have a minimum score requirement by section.

Another great suggestion if I don’t say so myself is to:

Print up each quiz once you get 100%.

Then right before the test read them all a couple of times before the exam.

I found this technique very, very valuable ever since high school vocabulary tests.

It really helped me with my G.C. test which in Florida is known to be about the toughest of ALL PROFESSIONAL licenses to pass.

I read all the practice quizzes before heading to the exam “usually on the can ;)” in the morning.

I find the practice perfect for ALL CONTINUING ED COURSES for Home Inspecting and General Contracting.

Good Luck.