Awesome Home Inspector Pro Stationery Example

David Lara posted an awesome example of what you can do with the Home Inspector Pro stationery feature. Check it out at and let me know what you think!

I like!


Do you have to log in to see it?

No, just click the link and click the PDF link.

It looks great!
Would he like to share the template. (Hint, hint?!)

Nice cover page.

Looks amazing, I would love to do something like that!

Kevin, there’s a few detailed threads on our forums about how to set up stationery. Feel free to give us a call or jump on live chat if you’d like some help!

Looks great

It Looks really sharp on the screen.

May want to make sure that it stays legible in grayscale if it gets printed in monochrome. I come across printed copies my reports on reinspections for new construction a lot, more often than not they are printed in mono. It may not be an issue in other markets.


Very sharp.

Mine looks sharp in photoshop and as stand alone pdf, but when I load it into HIP, and generate a report, it somehow looses resolution.

Send me the pdf before and after you integrate it. There’s no reduction in quality in the pdf so there should be no difference.

Thanks Dom, helpful as always!!

It’s not HIP, it’s when I export the photoshop file to a pfd something goes wrong.

Some setting I can’t quite figure out.

Send it to me. I’ll take care of it for you.

Hi Dom,

This thread has inspired me to work on my own stationery, is there a link to where I can find info on proceeding?
I couldn’t find a tutorial on the HIP website.

I’ve created a cover page etc. and tried loading it but it keeps loading with the old template as well.



Check out for some detailed information.

It sounds like the path you have set under Report Settings->Stationery might still be the old file. Make sure you selected the new PDF you made. If you need help just give us a call or jump on live chat and we can do a remote.

I sent you an email. :wink:

Tom, you don’t need to get special software, if you you can create a 8.5x11 page and export it as a pdf, for free.