Needs some help. I know this topic has come up before but I was wondering if anyone has run their B-Cam live from a lap top. I’m in a trade show this weekend and would like to run my camera live.

Thanks in advance.

Well I figured it out, with some help from Joe at Flir. Pretty cool looking at live infrared.


Please share…

I am now able to run my camera live on my lap top. I downloaded the program from Flir. www.flircusthelp.com
The program is the 2.1.2 version. I have a booth at the local home show this weekend and I’m going to set up my camera on a tripod and point it out at the crowd and when they walk by they will see themselves on my 17’’ laptop which will be set up for viewing. Hopefully this will get peoples attention and and get them to stop by and talk.


David, don’t you have a video out plug on your cam?

Will not work the same as BCAM USB (as far as I know).

If you have video out, get with me. I have info on what you will need.


Yes, my B-2 does have the video out feature, but I never had the need to utilize it.

Please fill me in…Do I need software to run this or is it automatic when I plug it in?

If you just plug it in to your television with the RCA plug it will play.

The problem is the RCA plug is not available on all VCRs or any computers as video input. If you have a desire to record, you’ll need an adapter to change to a USB connection.

Belkin F5U208 Video Buss, is an adapter and software for recording.

I found one somewhere for $59, you may have to dig.

Thanks Dave.