B60 Owners...

I’m looking for a B60 owner that has personally used their camera for video. I know there are some links and downloads on FLIR’s site but I tried it once to no avail. It seemed as if some step of the process was missing.

Has anyone done this successfully?

You need drivers and a program to handle the video out.

Call Flir for the versions you need.

Yea, was avoiding that, but will call.

David, Flir will help you. I installed Therma-cam and ran my B-Cam live at a home show I did. Works good.

Anyone tried this with a wireless SD card?

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What do you mean, wireless SD card?

SUCCESS! Didn’t need to call them. Just downloaded FLIR IR Camer Player and it works as advertised. It’s a different software than what was available during my 1st attempt.

Don’t think a wireless SD will work…the camera cannot be in USB mode to stream video…it needs to be in the network adaptor mode.

There are wireless SD cards now a days, which means there is a signal to be picked up.

I would think for the TiR, TiR1, Ti10 and Ti25 owners there would be a way to pick up this signal and do wireless video out. Because there is a signal from the SD card there is a way to pick that up and display it, that is way beyond my technical knowledge but I am very sure it can be done.

It wouldn’t work on the FLIR because they don’t use a full size SD card.

Most of these lower end cameras are only 9hz anyway and I cannot image the video quality to be all that great. I think it would work good for trade shows, or making really slow going videos for websites and other marketing type of materials.

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If its not a video signal I would think its meaningless. A SD card is merely a storage device and will store whatever file can be fit on it and transferred to it. If the camera doesn’t produce a video signal it won’t matter what you attach to it. Even the FLIR can’t store a video on the card…it only sends the signal out through the USB. While it will *display *live video, the software can’t record it.

That said, the video quality isn’t the greatest from the FLIR using a USB cable, supposedly you can use a Firewire for better quality. I wanted the capability for an IR presentation at our upcoming national conference, more to display how quickly and easily the camera can be used in the feild (scrolling through menus etc) In the video mode…the audience can see exactly what the user can see…menu function, span, temp, emissivity, etc.

For normal presentations, PowerPoint is just as powerful and effective plus you can get great image quality.

Not too familiar with the B60 but my E-45 has a RCA video out and it works great. I just plug it into my digital video recorder and it records whatever is on the display. Very nice!!