What Did I Do Wrong

Trying to get my B2 to show real time video on my computor but won’t set up. Connections are right but can only get into my report when the camera is on.
Any ideas as to what I’m not doing right? N
Need this feature for tomorrow.
As always, any help would be appreciated.


You have to load the drivers. That allows the camera to ack as a real time camera instead of just a “file directory”.

Hope this helps;

Thanks Will,
I don’t have that driver apparently so can’t use that feature. Drat!
I knew there was a reason it wouldn’t work for me.
Thanks again


Not sure exactly what you require but have you searched here FLIR

Hi Barry,
Thank you.
I downloaded the thermovision software and will try tomorrow with my B2.
Looked for a page like that earlier but, couldn’t find it.
I now have it book marked.
Boy, am I going to owe out a lot of drinks at convention.
Thanks again guys.


In your disc that had your quick view program, there should be a readme text file that tells you about the live feed file on the disk. That file will open and ask you to install quick time (movie viewing program)… you must find quick time on the internet if you do not have the correct version.

You must set your BCAM to the mode that allows the camera to stay on and function (the other mode causes your BCAM to come under the control of your computer when you hook it up with your usb cable).

When the BCAM is in the correct mode, and your live feed file has been properly opened (along with the quick time movie software) then it will work.

Hope this helps… It is a little primitive… I know.

It’s a lot easier if your computer is equipped with a “VIDEO IN” adapter. Then all you do is plug your video cable into the port of your camera and the other end into the port of your desktop. Then you’re all set.

If your computer is not equipped with “VIDEO IN” and only has “VIDEO OUT” then you can purchase a device that will make your camera compatible with your computer.http://cgi.ebay.com/AV-Cable-S-Video-USB-Grabber-Audio-Capture-Card-DV-VHS_W0QQitemZ200186998016QQihZ010QQcategoryZ3761QQ rdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQtrksidZp1638.m118.l1247QQcm dZViewItem

I need three new computers!?

OK Guys, I got this to work three different ways on my office computer today. Does anyone need to know how it’s done?
I will take notes when I load it to my truck computer and post it or email the process to you.

Let me know which operating system and camera you are using please.

Not that I’d drink the stuff …
As Lem Motlow said, “All goods worth price charged” :wink:

Absolutely not. I never stated that. I mentioned that you can purchase a “video in” device that’ll work perfectly fine.

I’d like to know what those 3 different options are…Please share.