B Dry, Everdry and The Crack Team all....

…AS USUAL, all had a chance to correctly & honestly diagnose a homeowners problems, all FAILED…got that? #-o
The house, Roseville MI, block walls…3 corner leaks

The bid’s from B Dry, Everdry, Crack Team
Don’t believe me? lol You can call quite a few of these homeowners DIRECT!

Homeowner got most of the water in basement AT–ALONG the bottom of basement wall and floor aka cove, cold joint, whateva! Other water entry due to some open, cracked mortar joints etc above grade.

Here is where most of the water FIRST ENTERED into the hollow blocks…THEN showed up inside the basement at–along the stupid cove.

Next corner…had to saw cut concrete apron in order to hand dig


This corner had same exterior cracks…

How can it be supposed experts on basement waterproofing did NOT identify and thoroughly explain the exact problems and obvious subsequent exterior solution, huh? #-o#-o#-o

Installing an interior basement drainage system or painting the interior block walls as The Crack Team recommended would NOT have fixed the obvious existing problems, exterior cracks hence would NOT have stopped further water from entering!@!@!@!! Hello! :-k

If my dumb az remembers correctly, this job cost $1,900.
The Crack Team wanted $975 ish to paint inside and other 2 wanted ALOT more.

OFTEN hear how supposedly expensive exterior waterproofing is VERSUS installing interior basement systems, nonsense!
This is just another example that those peeps are often…wrong on that incompetent assumption. Maybe they should quit yapping about sht they know LITTLE about.

Here’s the entire photo album, click each pic to enlarge if you like

And what about those other supposed experts who tell quite a few homeowners they can solve 80-90% of all leaky, wet basements by raising and sloping the grade? :-k

Q fer ya’s…please describe in full exactly how adding soil and sloping the soil away will waterproof existing cracks, tuckpoint open, cracked mortar joints, seal openings around windows and doors or for some other homeowners, how will that snake a possible blockage in lateral line…huh? #-o

What say YOU on your bids here B Dry, Everdry, Crack Team? :-k
Jesus, if they MISS (or don’t care lol) the actual problems, cracks etc here, I ask ya’s, how many more just like this have they missed, huh? ](*,)
Yeah, some of know but too many homeowners don’t get-it.

Inside system companies were here, bid this too…
How in the world would installing ANY interior basement system with 100 sump pumps have fixed these problems?