Leaky finished basement, cabinets, bar, drywall, block wall

Macomb Michigan, homeowners had a bad experience with B Dry dorks with their previously owned house (they were lied to, scammed, the USUAL!) so they didn’t want to make the same mistake this time.

29’ long and 6 1/2’ deep… a one day job all hand dug, quite a bit of blue clay = garbage backfill

Here inside finished basement, they would ONLY get/see water come from where the BOTTOM of the stupid block basement wall meets the stupid basement floor, some from behind the bar/cabinets,got THAT?

Ran a couple water tests to – see, determine where the stupid water was… FIRST entering. Sure enough after about 5 minutes they began to get A LOT of water on basement floor near the bar, PROVES there is 1 or more exterior cracks or other openings in block wall n needs exterior waterproofing to STOP further water, ya dig?

In this area, 2 ways water was getting into hollow blocks, crack AND gaps along, just under the finished grade. NOTE-- they already TRIED raising and sloping the grade way, lollll, and the corner downspouts had drain tile hooked up to 'em and it ran underground all the way to the backyard… did this crap solve their leaky basement? Nope.

Sprinkler system ousted, yep, tah tah baby, in the way, yeah an added expense n yes homeowners were warned about this possibility… still cost thousands LESS than had they installed a stupid interior basement drainage system!

Exterior hairline crack near corner, had the sprinkler system HERE and underground gas line

Lastly, getting all the CLAY soil, bricks, wood etc picked up… some BLUE CLAY too, also note the gravel backfill… get rid of the clay n crap, seal the stupid exterior cracks n other openings where the water was getting in, backfill with mostly gravel

Gonna try n exxxxxplain this again, very important, most homeowners who get water in their basements where the BOTTOM of the wall meets the basement floor have 1 or more EXTERIOR cracks or cracked parging in their walls or deteriorated rod holes or OTHER openings (go back n see GAPS just below grade) in their walls and sometimes, some will get water entering through exterior openings ABOVE grade such as through basement windows or around-under doors or through cracked, deteriorating mortar joints or through openings in their chimney and so spending many thousands to install an interior basement drainage system does NOT repair/fix/waterproof any of these exterior problems and doesn’t STOP the water that will continue to enter through them, many homeowners continue to get ripped off, lied to by many interior system companies, that’s right baby. And some lucky homeowners ONLY need a good honest plumber to snake their clean out, lateral line

Why do interior basement system companies do this, cheat people? lool
Because THEY make a lot more money installing these moronic water diverting systems verus exterior waterproofing and, it’s a lot easier, nowhere near the labor intensive exterior waterproofing, a lot less in material costs all, a lot less labor all adds up to more money for the lying, scamming owner and salespeople! It’s in THEIR best interest, not the homeowners. Now that’s the truth, can you handle it? No, quite a few cannot.


Keep up the good work, keeping those basements dry, Mark!

I hope you and yours are well… :smile:

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hope you and the G-kids are well man!

Yes, Thanks Mark. Lots to learn about existing foundations and water problems.

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