B.N.I. has it helped business?

Anyone belong to B.N.I. ? If so, how long have you been a member and has it helped your business?

What’s B.N.I. ? Be a little more specific please.

I have been there.
It is a good idea.
Any networking group is good starting point.
There are many networking groups out there and look around ask to sit in on several meetings and do not get pressured $$$ into becoming a member right away.
Yes it a good place to be. Not only BNI out there.

Clint BNI is a networking organization.
It works in groups of one professional of as many bases they can cover one group.
IE: A city like Montreal Quebec in Canada might have as many as 20 plus groups and all named.
I sat in on the platinum group for 3 occasions.
The city is divided into sections, north, south, east, west, and groups are then assigned to each section.
The group is named and a hierarchy is placed as the membership grows…
President vice pres.,secretary, chair, treasurer.
They will fill with one of each profession, accountant, printer, computer specialist, contractor, real-estate, home inspector.
Not more than one professional per group.
All interact with each other and get work for each member.
They sell you . You sell them.
If you need more input you know where I am friend.:slight_smile:


I was in a BNI group, then the people in t he group wised up and realized that we were paying BNI but we were doing all the work. We still have our group, but we don’t pay BNI any of the over rated fees that they ask for. The only thing that the members pay for is their own food (we meet in a resturant).

Why pay someone else for the “privledge” of doing all the work yourself?

To me BNI is like the Scientology of Networking Organizations… Good stuff but far too much like a cult. It starts out being a 90 minute a week commitment that can easily spiral out into 10-12 hours a week if you drink the kool-aid.

BTW, they love home inspectors because we are a tremendous source of leads and are always attempting to lure us in. I found that I can get just as much out of it by being a substitute, all the connections and none of the commitment. :wink:

Tried it did not like the system and moved on , Never been sorry .

Too much like politics for my taste.
All join to feed off the others.

I belonged to BNI and other networking groups. I had a hard time making the weekly meetings.

Like Will said why pay BNI the money. Create your own group and find a meeting place. I have realtors asking me all the time to join there group. Actually being a vistor is good as you can go to differant groups and you do not need to pay there fees, you just cover for members missing.

There were some professionals in are group that I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

BNI tends to attract new and inexperienced business people… If the Realtor is strong they are most likely working with a few good inspectors already, if they are weak they aren’t selling, go figure.

Those who really do well are the financial/insurance people cause everyone needs these products and in BNI these folks are normally the anchors who hold it all together while all the other seats are a revolving door with people coming and going quite rapidly. Many are in & out before their year is up.

Only for $350 a year, or is it more now!!

I attended a meeting as a guest once, and my local chapter offered a $350 a year membership, with a discount for two years paid in advance. There was a $100, non refundable application fee as well. No thanks.

$495 plus tax. Sept. 2010. It was a platinum group.
I passed on the forth week although the investment broker was interested in me.
As others stated. They are heavy on the self selling and self pitching to one another.
It is practice of self development. Every meeting. You hone your craft and when you are ready you leave the nest you are on your one with no need for group involvement therapy.
I know people still at BNI after 3years and receive 70 plus percent of there leads from the group.
Mr.Bushart statement fists exactly into what I witnessed.
It is an endless circle of new members revolving yearly.
I only know this through talking to members…