Is anyone a member of BNI and if so what is your feedback

It’s no benefit for a home inspector. Don’t waste your time or money…If you have a flower shop, it could be helpful. :smiley:

You know that was about what I thought. Thanks for your input.

There are two HI’s in my area that swear by BNI. One guys told me he built a good portion of his business on it. Maybe it depends on your area

I have lived and worked in my area for 40yrs. I don’t see how there referral business concept would benefit me, but I could see it in a larger area.

You get out of BNI what you out into it. I spend about 700 a year on BNI and get around 20,000 out of it. The realtor in your group has a lot to do with how well you do. It’s a good idea to visit all the groups you can and choose the group that you have the best compatibility. Our group has a real a state power team that consists of a lender, realtor, contractor, electrician, exterminator, and HI. We pass alot of business together and I’ve had referrals from every member in my group not just the power group. You do get some good education on referring. On the other hand there is definitely some coolaid drinking that gets done. But for my money and time in I feel I’m ahead.

you would be better off being a visitor to ALL you local bni groups and subbing when offered. I have been to about 5 in my area and I get some good business from them. I am not going to join. There is one realtor in each. One mortgage lender in each. I already get referrals from all of them. Why would I waste the time involved? I like to attend and meet people and thats great but im not paying money to sit in one for a couple hours every week. I have work to do. :slight_smile: hth

I did the same, years ago, and just visited the “meetings” as a guest. What a joke and waist of my time. No way in hell I’ll pay a fee to attend these on a weekly basis and miss inspections that I receive money at!

I like to sit between the hair stylist and the pampered chef lady.

So you live in a small town and know everyone already.Yeah may not work for you.It’s about networking.You’ll get plenty of opinions on this just like any other marketing idea.Take what you can from somebody who has been a member in a similar market to yours.

I have a Realtor that I probably get 40-50 inspections a year, every year, for the last 6 years. Another 2 Realtors that are probably 20-30 per year each. None of them are members of BNI. I would never join an organization where I am obligated to refer business to someone else that I know absolutely nothing about. The agent in the group could be a newbie that only does 20 transactions a year or maybe less. I won’t jeopardize known commodities for an unknown one.

That and I live in the boonies. It takes 40-50 minutes at that time of the morning to get to the restaurant where the nearest BNI chapter meets. And eating breakfast at 7am is disgusting. :wink:

It depends on your group, every group is different.

Ive been a member for 5 years, works well for me. The mortgage guy has introduced me to several referring realtors, in addition to the realtor in the group recommending me to fellow realtors.

Many groups that are heavy with tradesmen want HI’s because they see it as a referral source for them, and it can be true, but you need folks that will refer you and introduce you to referral sources too. You can typically visit free. Some guys say its a waste others say it helps…mixed results nationally. In my area there are only 2 HI’s that belong to BNI.

I like your stile:cool:

I have been a part of BNI and a few other groups. Met some great people but it is a time killer and is expensive. I work when they meet. It basically, cost me a time slot. These groups are not realistic for service folks. I did 600 plus inspection this past year and another 100 plus mold claim clients. Other forms of marketing work better for me.

Unless you have a rock star realtor it will not be worth it. We belong to one and made some good connections with the mortgage guy and insurance agent but the realtor does not do any real business. Home Inspectors hate doing any networking so sometimes its good to do it for awhile to gain exposure and then leave or join a different one to make the initial connection. They will never replace you because almost all inspectors will never join. Dont ever join one that one of your current realtors ask you to. You already get their business and like I said you have almost a 0% chance they will find another inspector to join.

that rock star isnt giving you her business unless you can earn it anyway. the BNI might give you a chance to earn it but it will still be up to you.

I would think knowing it is assumed to be a given. You don’t go into any situation thinking it’s just spoonfed

Totally agree, this is my 3rd try and for home inspectors everything hinges on a fully involved real estate broker coupled with a competent power team that you are comfortable referring to your clients. Last year I averaged 2 full home inspections a week through my BNI, not too shabby.

How often are the meetings?

They meet weekly. Depending on the group, it could be a morning breakfast meeting or an afternoon lunch meeting. The “rules” are you must attend every week or find a replacement to take your place. Our local groups allow 2 misses per year or you are dropped from the group. But then as others have said, inspectors are a different breed from the others in the group that don’t necessarily set appointments.