Network Marketing Group

Are any Inspectors in the Holiday or New Port Richey, Florida area in any network groups? If so, how advantageous is it? Specifically groups like BNI.

I checked out a couple here (Portland, Or.) and I really didn’t like them. The first one required me to allow a member to follow me at an inspection and I was expected to visit another member at their job. It also required me to hand out five recommendations between meetings and on and on. Plus there was a $300+ a year fee. It was also a little creepy, it felt like a cult. I think it was Le Tip.
The second one was more laid back but again, $300 per year. Just network yourself. Always carry company propaganda, I mean brochures, business cards etc. and never miss an oportunity to mention what you do.

Thanks for the info Stephen. The cost here in Florida is about the same. The group seemed to be pretty helpful, but it had a similar expectation of making weekly referrals.