Backsplash ?

I received an interesting call from a client who said that the bathroom consultant that she is using told her a back splash is required by code for her bathroom sink granite counter tops. My client doesn’t want a back splash.

Is there a code requirement for a back splash? I have renovated many, many bathrooms in my past life and have done them both ways without the municipal inspector telling me that I needed a back splash. I would prefer to see a back splash with proper caulking but thats me and is not the look she is going for.

I’ve looked through the code book but the only requirement I can find is for bathtub and shower spaces. I don’t believe that there is a code considering pedestal sinks or vessel sinks. Any thoughts?

I think she needs a new consultant, with all of the options available for bathroom sinks these days how could anyone possibly enforce a backsplash requirement…can you imagine what that would look like on some of the new designs ? you, i like to see more traditional water resistant applications, but not all tastes are alike and certainly not a code item anywhere I know of…jim

Houston, we have a problem!

with every one of these I’ve seen, if the “consultant” is correct, NOT!!!

IMO thats not the worst design feature of those bowl sinks…

I inspected a home with one just like that in a half bath.

  1. It did not have an overflow drain.

  2. The stopper is operated manually, that is , push-click to close and push -click to open

I would bet that these issues would be more annoying.


And this FYI gets added in the report on every one I run across…lest the call…“Why didn’t you tell me I couldn’t leave unattended or my drunk friends or the kids could overflow my lavs…”

The drain on the one in my photo will not keep up with the flow, as most don’t and the 1/2-3/4" overflow holes won’t either on most units that have them.

Never saw a pedestal sink with a back splash

Funny how we still call out lack of sealant though :slight_smile: