Bahama Shutters

Had an owner claim that his bahama shutters were impact resistant. No documentation of course, only a manufacturer. Pulled their information and product approvals and the assemblies were approved for hurricane protection but NOT impact as I suspected.

Have any of you guys come across bahama shutters that were impact rated? I had the opinion they don’t exist, but thought I should ask before I pop off at the mouth next time. Thanks in advance.


I have seen them as well.

Old ones are not.

I even saw paperwork saying clam shell shutters were accepted in ONE community.

I believe the community had to pay an engineer to test,verify or whatever they do but it was written up and they got the credit.

It was the only time I gave a Clam shell shutter credit.

I’ve seen them & their NOA too, my client didn’t have any issues getting the credit.

There are a lot of Bahama Shutters that are impact rated, mostly outside the HVHZ though. What exactly do you mean by “approved for hurricane protection but NOT impact”? Just curious.

I’ve run into them as well. There’s a townhome development in Davie, can’t remember the name, that has them on every unit. The old “clam-shell” one’s I’ve never run into them as being impact rated but, see no reason they couldn’t be so long as they are tested and manufactured in accordance.


Town and Country makes them, but not sure if they’re approved for HVHZ.

Thanks to all for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

Thanks for the response. I was referring to the shutters being rated for a certain design load, in this case +42,-42.

Bahama shutters that are impact rated are very easy to ID in Port St. Lucie, FL, Paul.

There will be flat aluminum panels that bolt on to protect the louvers


such panels or a very heavy screen type metal will be permanently mounted on the back side. This is undesirable b/c it kills the view thru the louvers, rendering the shutters into strictly sun stoppers when in the open position.