Can anyone identify these panels

Can anybody identify these panels if they are impact rated or not?

No info not rated. It is hard to tell unless you get a Noa that you are certain is that shutter. They look fairly new. Is there a name or anything on them?

I can tell by the brackets that they are not rated. Mikey is right, no rating label = no rating.

Looks like dated components which means no

No NOA or FL Approval Number no credit!!

I wanted to ask in case anyone knew them at first sight. That way I won’t send the buyers on a goose chase if they are not impact.

There are many manufacturers of Bahama shutters, some impact, most are not. How are we supposed to determine the make and model from a photo? Either the owner has the docs or there must be a rating label on it. Otherwise, it gets selected as “N” for that window.

Yes, they got an N. I hadn’t encountered verifying Bahama shutters yet so I was generally asking in case they were potentially impact. There were other unverifiable shutters at that home as well and no documentation from the current owner.