Balcony FUBAR

See pics of 2nd level balcony/porch. New construction. Coated the OSB floor and wall and junction with a rubber-type coating, that was already abraded at the floor. (Whoever heard of an OSB floor to a porch or balcony? I wrote that up also.)

Crap? Yes or no? #-o

If you can’t read the text, I said this:

“The floor of the 2nd level balcony is OSB (oriented strand board). The wood surface has simply been coated with a rubber-type material. The coating already has a hole in it. OSB easily deteriorates when exposed to moisture. We have never seen this coating material used for an exterior surface in four years and approximately 1000 inspections and do not believe it is suitable to provide permanent protection for the exterior wood structures. Tile, slate, concrete, treated deck boards…these are commonly used building materials for such a structure. We do not endorse this building method. You should consult with a licensed contractor about this installation prior to the close of escrow.”


“The 2nd level balcony is not flashed where it meets the house wall. Apparently the builder believes a rubber-type coating will provide a permanent water-tight seal between the OSB floor and the OSB house wall. We do not. A corrosion resistant flashing material should have been installed between the intersecting surfaces and the wall should have been completely covered with vinyl siding below the door threshold, in our opinion. Failure to properly flash this junction and cover it with siding may result in significant water damage to the wood structures and interior wall leaks. We recommend an evaluation and service as deemed necessary by a licensed and competent contractor prior to the close of escrow (consider a third-party evaluation).”


Your recommendation is right on, but I hope you also recommended a larger balcony in order to sit down. What the hell were the builders thinking when they sized that balcony out?

That’s not a balcony…it’s standing room only.

Gezz Guys everyone knows what that is for, Little lady stands out there and commands

Just big enough for the drunks to stand on an take a wizz.

That whole house looks fubar. Siding looks to be too tight. What’s with the ridge?