Balcony guard

Does anyone have a good link or recommend a method of repair for a Screen enclosed balcony in a condo. The stucture/guard horizontal rails are spaced 6" apart going up over 42 ". This appears to be a safety issue if a child pokes through the screen and climbs out. The client wanted a estimate but I’m not clear on cost and the most cost effective method of repair. I’ve had the same issue with awning windows from floor to ceiling on balcony.



Try this site: There are some possible ideas on there. Shouldnt be too expensive to find and install.

Not approved by any AHJ that I’m aware of but have seen vinyl privacy lattice zip tied onto climable or open guard railings at private residences and community properties.
It is an inexpesive solution to avoid a tragedy.

One can also attach clear plastic/plexiglass sheets to the rails. They prevent accidents but keep the view.

I like Russel’s idea best, because the lattice provides toe-holds and could be climbed by an inquisitive child.

I think a good quality metal screening. A child would have a very difficult time poking his head through. I am concerned with horizontal bars placed 6" apart. Easy climb.

My Mom babysits & she has clear banister guards along all her balusters. They were inexpensive (about 40 bucks for 15’ roll) & are about 36 inches tall.

The brand was Step Ahead I think. They are a very thick plastic material & had instructions for permanent or temporary installations.

Google Banister Guards & you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thanks Carolyn that is exactly what i was looking for and low cost