Guard Rails

Hey Kids, climb this.

rail 3-2-11 033.JPG

I pretty much gave up on Activerain Bob once they broke their promise about memberships.

I am still there because all you need to do is blog every 90 days to stay Rain Maker.
If you ask they will give you another shot as I lost my status to.
Still great SEO and that blog looks like a great website now.

BK. That is the architectural way of thinning the heard. Survival of the fittest you know.

We are talking children here you sicko.:stuck_out_tongue:

Bob. I did an Inspection not to long ago and while I was there the buyers 5 year old was jumping through the balusters on the basement stairs. The seller got mad at me for calling these out as he stated they were just rebuilt…haha sad but true.Balluster Spacing]( :shock::roll:


Just ask him when it will be finished.

I can just see the kid sliding down and whacking his chin on a tread at the outside.
I suppose an attachment could be made to it.

I actually asked the parents to stop the kid (nicely) I thought he was gonna break his neck, leg, arm or something. It was crazy even after I explained the safety issues they laughed and thought the little brat kid was cute.:roll:

Things that make you go hummmm