Baluster Spacing

Really, what could possibly go wrong?


at least You’ll know where the kids are…

I remember an occasion where I had just explained the deficiency of the baluster spacing and the Client’s child became stuck in the rail.

Sad but ironic…

These three rascals were running around the inspection the entire time I was on site. As I got to the Stairs, and I thought hmmmm this would make a good Defect Picture.

Perfect the chance of a life time and you got it fantastic … Roy

great example

Reminds me of an old leave it to beaver episode where the old timer Gus had to call out the fire dept. to get him out of a iron fence. Did the kids drive you crazy!!

I thought of getting my earplugs out of the truck. :smiley:

Brian, is that your PIC and can I have it?

It is indeed mine Nick, and yes you may have it. :smiley:

That’s some gooood inspection photo technique. :slight_smile: