Band joist

What do you about this attachment?

I would have to question if that single 2x is strong enough to support that weight. I would think that it would at least be doubled up.

The only thing holding it are the bolts!!

The load is carried by the two bolts, I assume there is at least one more post not shown. Support columns should be notched for the beam or rim joist to carry the load.

Before you critique the deck based upon the bolts…do you know how strong those bolts are?

Show them this if it helps.



The image above depicts a girder improperly relying on the sheer strength of lag bolts. Girders should bear directly on posts. ;):wink:

I did.

I know, it did not copy right.
Thanks for bringing it up.

Girder-post connection (incorrect).

Uploaded June 16, 2009


It’s OK now, but everything installed in a home is in the process of deterioration. It’s a matter of how much sooner it will fail due to the method of installation. When all the parts are new the connection should be plenty strong judging from the photograph.

The way that single 2x girder carrying deck floor joists will fail is that the end grain of the girder will absorb moisture at a higher rate than the sides and edges. This means that the end through which bolts (or lags) are installed will be the first part of the board weakened by decay.
As decay becomes advanced the board will split along the grain line which intersects the bolt holes and at some point will fail under a load, probably an impact. Probably dancing!

If the girder were notched into the post failure would be delayed.

In the report, I’d call it “lower-quality framing and a poor quality bolted connection which will fail sooner than a proper connection.” The lower quality framing refers to the single 2x girder which in quality framing would have been doubled.

It’s not a band joist at all. It’s a grider. The memeber parallel to it and seen in the phots above it is the band joist or rim joist. he rim joist is not a load-bearing member at all, but of course the girder is. As has been stated, a bolted connection where the girder does not also bear directly on a post is incorrect.


Do you have another photo, of the other side of that ‘board’? Also, maybe one (overview) of the entire structure? Something nagging at me, but don’t know what, yet.

Jeff, maybe it’s the potential for the rim/band joist to be bearing on the beam and/or post (behind the bolts) thus carrying some of the joists load?

Yes, it kinda looks like it might be.

Also curious of other support posts and beams. The photo is deceiving, as it appears that this ‘board’ runs perpendicular to the home, not parallel, as (my) eyes are accustomed to seeing.