Bank needs inspectors in 38 states to inspect foreclosures.


Good afternoon. David had forwarded your email to me. We are looking for national companies that could perform home inspections prior to closing and after closing for our borrowers. We are based out of Connecticut and we are lending in about 38 states.

Could you provide any referrals for InterNACHI inspectors to perform these inspections for us? Our borrowers buy dilapidated properties and then they fix them up to sell or refinance us out.

Thank you so much,


Debbie’s contact information available to members by clicking here:

Do you have a list of the states?

I don’t, but if you call her and get them tomorrow, post them. Don’t post her contact information though, I made the link to her contact info InterNACHI member password protected.

Will do.

I’ll be willing to bet both of ours are on the list. call the lady though to confirm

Well, that was a flop-
She’s looking for a national company (not organization) to do this. Seems like she has a lead on one . . .

Al-ready then. Thanks anyways, Nick.

Debbie said she is looking for a company who can coordinate all the inspections.
Anyone have the resources to do that?](*,)

It doesn’t sound like a complicated task…

She asked for no more calls. She is going to explore DDN and GCI as possible resources. If you are signed up with them, you are in good shape.

We just offered to handle it all for her and utilize InterNACHI members. We’re having a meeting by phone this afternoon.

Good to hear that.

Great news nick, You can put my name in for northern Colorado, and South East Wyoming. I am sure you will work some magic and get that contract.

Go, Kent!
That was my area of ops when I lived on Jill Dr., Loveland!

Go, Nick!
Have the Legal Eagles pull another corporation out of the hat!
We’ll cover N ID & NE WA.
They have Spokane accts, but none in ID yet.

I got 12 “status inspections” today. These are inspections to check on progress, if any, since there hasn’t been a request for a draw this past quarter. Some are jobs that are progressing without a request for funds from the bank. Others are in default and calls to the contacts (builder and borrower) go unanswered.


Make sure the inspection fees match the house type/condition if they want full SOP inspections.

Crawlspace foundations and older homes will increase the inspection/report time greatly.

A limited inspection may be the way to go in order to be competitive on price and eliminate a lot of data and details that they may not need since these homes will need substantial work anyway.

Sign me up for a 30 mile radius of York SC if the fees are decent.


Update please?

I agree… Sign me up too.

What came of the meeting?