Nationwide Loan Inspectors, Inc.

Hi all, Jim here.
I just received an e-mail from Nationwide Loan Inspection, Inc.
addressed: Attention all InterNACHI inspectors.

They are looking for inspectors in certain areas to do bank
loan inspections.

It doesn’t look like there are stings attached and fees involved to become an inspector for this firm. But before I start sending personal information to apply, I was wondering if anyone has heard of this operation or worked with them. They seem legit, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.



I signed up and they seem safe. About on a par with DDN, but paying $5 more per inspection.

Any problems with payment?


They pay monthly.

I appreciate the answers and help.

Have you had many inspections?
Are the inspections as they state they are? (10 minutes approx. plus 15 min computer time.)
Have they paid extra for exceeding the mileage range of the base pay?


Hi everyone…
YOu are smart following up to see if they are legit… I don’t like giving out my Social Security number to anyone!

I signed up. But I also signed up to do draw inspections on the moon when they build a base.

Can you get me in? I would love to inspect on the moon.
Thanks your a heck of a guy,

I signed up as well, but haven’t seen or heard a thing yet.
And Colorado touts itself as the mortgage foreclosure capital of the nation :frowning:

And, Gee, golly! They gave me a bad greenie.

With no comments.

Wonder why?

I signed up and never got any inspections.

How would they know if I was good inspector or not? They never even used me.

Vendors passing out greenies or negative greenies. What a concept.

how did you find this out?

Thanks Nick but what I was wondering is whats a greenie?

To be clear, I signed up for this, and haven’t gotten any work from it.

Then I posted my previous post.

Then, someone from Nationwide gave me a bad rating score.

I was just wondering why, how and all that other stuff.

I am a mushroom. They keep me in the dark and feed me s**t.

Go figure.

I recently rec’d the same email, and a plea from them to to an inspection some distance from my normal service area. They agreed to pay me additional $ by the mile to do the inspection and I agreed. The report system is not as user friendy as DDN but the report takes the usual 20-30 minutes to complete online.

It takes longer than 15 Min to upload the 20 photo’s they want. The input reporting is 5 min tops as is DDN. As I understand it, they are a NE US company working to expand south and westward.

Congenial & easy company to work with at first blush.

FYI, tg