Re/Max drain tile 101, "keeps your basement dry", not! Err knothead

Realtor, interior system
Some likely noticed the vertical crack on this inside wall.

NOT all exterior cracks in these walls show up/appear on the inside, got that?
And you won’t see cracked parging when looking at the inside of these walls.

Here’s another interior drainage system that was installed, NEW drain tiles, new new new, sheesh lol.
Did the ‘drain tiles’ keep the basement DRY? pffttt

SAME house, was called when basement kept leaking at–near the corner.
Here were THE PROBLEMS, this is where the water first got into the hollow block wall and then came out in the basement at one’s feet… where the bottom of the wall meets the basement floor.
The interior drainage system they installed cost several hundred MORE than what we did on the outside.
What we did on the outside STOPPED water from getting in, there’s a diff eh, sheesh
Take a moment to explain how it is the interior system cost MORE. One word really, scam. THINK about it, They J’d the perimeter floor, about 18’ x 12", some new drain tile and small amount of gravel and layed the new ‘rock, how much in materials and labor ya think? NOT MUCH! Not much versus what was done on the outside… 22’ x 6 1/2’ deep hand dug, all that clay etc hauled away $$, 7 yards of gravel backfilled, hydraulic cement, tar, visqueen etc and lousy city permit fee and the LABOR to move all this crap! … for less? Say again… SCAM!

Also note the exterior cracks, cracked parging that are NOT visible when you look at the inside of the block foundation wall!
Did the exterior OR NEW interior drain tiles have ANYTHING to do with the fact there were exterior cracks in the wall where water entered, huh? Zip baby.
“Drain tiles do NOT keep your basement DRY”, now please go back to listing, selling houses, tyvm buh bye.